A Letter from Gavin

A Letter from GavinBefore Gavin’s departure to Europe, he shared this Gift of a letter with us all! Please enjoy!

“Hey Mighty Companions,

Well as I contemplate the last few months this morning I am filled with an overwhelming gratitude and Love for you all. I came here seeking an authentic and consistent experience of Love and Joy, and leave today having found exactly that. Who knew the Love of God could be so overwhelmingly beautiful and that joining with you all would enable it to be extended forth into the only experience worth having.

It has been in sharing this experience with you all, in all its seeming forms, that has allowed me to Join with Spirit in such a way that for the most part I can’t discern a difference anymore. This seeming experience of life has become filled with a wonderment and Joy of just knowing I am at home with God while this seeming body plays its role in the cosmic plan of going home. I have come to discover the absolute Freedom in expressing and extending this experience without limitation, and have an unshakable Knowing that everything in every moment is just perfect, even when some doubt thoughts float by.

It’s in the the experience of Loving you all without reservation that I have discovered and experienced the True Peace, Love, and Joy in not knowing, and miracle of seeing and experiencing Miracles every day, just naturally and involuntarily. There are just no words to express my appreciation and gratitude for you all in playing your part so perfectly and beautifully. I Love you so much.

For me the seeker is gone, and now is the time to just be in this experience of Joy and Love, to be Spirt in this seeming world, and just enjoy the inspiration in living and extending that. As in my current experience, it is in the Joining and Extending in Joy that I Know I am at home with God and never left. And it is in Knowing That, that I go deeper into the Joining and Extending. Now, that is a Rabbit Hole I have given myself over to totally.

Again thank you all soooooooooooooo much for living into the Truth with me and sharing this Journey of no distance.

Big Luv and Hugz,