Joy for No Reason

Joy for No ReasonI wrote this to a wonderful friend the other day when they asked me to try and tell them about my current experience:

“In my experience there is nothing else to do but surrender to each moment in that moment. No matter the feelings, circumstances, thoughts, anything. It is in this surrender I remember it is all done, the forgiveness is done, the healing is done, the unblocking is done. I remember I am really at home with God and, in fact, never left. It is here I feel the True Peace, Joy, and Love of God because I am It; all that is left is God IS, Love IS, Peace IS… with nothing more. It is from this space I feel the inspiration to extend all that I AM.”

What didn’t come to mind at the time, but now has, is who is doing the surrendering and is it actually a choice? In this moment as I look around at the beauty and perfection of where I am, I see that I, in this moment, did not choose to surrender to it, IT JUST IS! I used to think that it was my choice, now I Know it’s not. I used to think I was the one talking, writing, moving, now I Know I’m not.

I also wrote a Facebook post the other day:

“There are two ways of perceiving “The Script Is Written,” one will imprison me, the other will set me free, seemingly I chose Freedom…”

I thought I had a choice, now I Know I didn’t. In this moment I realize I never had a choice in anything, and it struck me how many times I had been told I was just watching a movie being played out, and yet I still thought this character had a choice in what part it played, what it did, what it said, now I Know it didn’t. I thought this character had more work to do, more seeking to do, more distance to walk on a journey, now I Know what is meant by “There is nothing to be done.”

Something else I wrote:

“Yesterday, Spirit showed me that the Seeker is no longer, in fact that there is no Seeker and there never was. Spirit and the ‘I’ are One at home with God and have never left.

Yesterday it was shown that there was nothing to get, nothing to heal, nothing to let go of, nothing to understand, nothing to unblock. It was shown that True Forgiveness is in the Knowing that there actually is, and has only ever been, nothing but Love.

It is in the I AM, GOD IS with nothing else, that True Love is. This Love that the ‘I’ has been seeking is and always has been. It never changes and has nothing to hide, it was shown that all concepts that the ‘I’ had made have been dropped and in fact never were.

It was shown that this life is, and always has been perfect, and even though the ‘I’ had felt separate, this was not, and never has been the case. It was shown that all that is left is the extension of this message and Love in this moment and all moments after. It was shown that the Peace, Love, and Joy of God are in being Spirit, which is the only way to be Truly Helpful.

Today, I appear to be the ‘I’ again. However there is a whole new perception of Knowing that the ‘I’ does not exist and has never existed. As the ‘I’ is watched typing this, there is a Knowing that even the extension of this message is another concept that will be released when its time has come.

In this moment however, this is the thing to do and now it is done.”

Now I Know this IS the experience, the ‘I’ is just the character that plays out the script and seems to be shown all that is shown and given, and the ‘I’ has no choice in it.

The things that seemed so complex and hard, now seem simple and easy. Where there was judgment and conflict, is now Love and Joy. Where there seemed to be separation, now there just IS. All the problems and issues stemmed for the one thought of separation, and it is in the realization and experience that even that never happened, a total feeling of Peace, Joy, and Love is lived.

It is all so simple and available NOW, with nothing to do. Come join the Joy and Love of which everyone of us IS. It is all Perfect just the way it is, because in reality it was NEVER any other way.

The tears of Joy are consistently coming from this character as the oneness is experienced in ALL its Glory and Love—it is Truly “Joy for no reason.”