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Awakening Mind DonationsOur Awakening Mind foundation is a freely given resource and an offering of peace. We are funded only by donations of time, funds, and other resources. We are so grateful for the opportunity to give and see that giving is our natural state! Experiencing the Spirit giving through us is the most beautiful experience imaginable, and the Foundation for the Awakening Mind is a backdrop that offers many ways to be in the experience of true giving. From joining in community projects, to counseling, to building websites, to outdoor maintenance, it all becomes the same sparkling experience when the purpose is purely to be joined with the Spirit.

Why Support Awakening Mind?

If you are inspired to support the Foundation through financial or other means, your offering is supporting the purpose of Awakening. It serves all. The ripple-effect of one person experiencing themselves as the Spirit has unlimited potential for healing. “When I am healed, I am not healed alone” (A Course in Miracles, W-137) is experienced over and over again in spiritual community, as we are continually sharing our state of mind and passing on the gifts of forgiveness as we receive them.

We are able to offer so much freely because of the many volunteers who give their time, skills, and resources in support of this beautiful and holy purpose.

Thank you for your support! We are deeply grateful.

For many people Awakening Mind is a reflection of their heart’s desire for peace and healing. Since its inception, the Foundation has been supported in loving gratitude by those who have been touched by the message and ministry. Through their gifts, our friends join in the shared stewardship of our mission and help serve in participation in this Awakening.

Our retreats and gatherings give spiritual seekers the opportunity for much needed refuge, healing, and rejuvenation. Time together gives us the opportunity to join and go into our minds to remove all blocks to Love’s awareness. For many people, for seekers who are ready to explore new horizons of the mind, joining our community is an opportunity to release limiting beliefs. Awakening Mind continues to serve as an invaluable tool, giving fresh perspectives on the spiritual journey and healing of the mind.

God Bless you for all that you give everyone with no expectations of anything in return. Love always, Judy

We receive loving notes of gratitude like the one from Judy above on a regular basis. We greatly appreciate donations and charitable gifts as many members of this community are on full and partial scholarships.

Thank you for supporting this valuable resource.

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