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Awakening Mind Global Community

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind was set up in 1999 to support the work of David Hoffmeister and an emerging global community. The wider community includes everyone who resonates with the non-dualistic teachings shared through Awakening Mind and A Course in Miracles.

Our Centers

The original residence of the Awakening Mind global community is the Peace House in Cincinnati, Ohio, which has undergone a renewal to again become a devotional base of operations, and a publications hub and tour starting point.

The Living Miracles Ministry is part of the wider Awakening Mind global community, and supports the publishing of Awakening Mind materials and those involved with Awakening Mind. Living Miracles has bases in Utah and Mexico. These communities invite visitors and volunteers to join for gatherings, retreats, and devotional stays in support of Awakening.

To join us for a devotional stay in our community, please fill out our Retreat Application Form. Visit the following websites to read more about our centers.

Awakening Mind Global Community

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La Casa de Milagros

Photo of La Casa de Milagros

Deepen in awareness of spiritual connection and present peace! Set against the charming and vibrant backdrop of Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, La Casa de Milagros is the perfect place to nurture the spirit within by coming together with others who have a deep call for Awakening.

You will be welcomed by a community who have devoted their lives to inner peace and to the remembrance of our Oneness. We invite you to leave the busy world behind and experience the gift of true connection when we come together with the Shared Purpose of seeing the Christ in one another.

Website: https://acim.mobi
Pedro Moreno 89, Chapala Centro, Jalisco, Mexico 45900
Phone: +52 376-765-2598
Contact: [email protected]

Living Miracles Monastery

Photo of Living Miracles Monastery

The Living Miracles Monastery is the first A Course in Miracles monastery in the world! Its foundation lies in the mystical teachings of Jesus as taught in A Course in Miracles. Reverence, mindfulness, and silence are our guides. This monastery is a place of devotion and quiet contemplation.

The Monastery sits atop a 150-foot stone cliff wall in the mystical Strawberry River canyon in Eastern Utah, two hours east of Salt Lake City. With stunning views in all directions, it is a magical place to unplug and simply be!

Website: https://miracles-monastery.org
Address: 12365 Sam’s Wash Rd., Duchesne, UT 84021, USA
Phone: +1 435-709-2535
Contact: [email protected]

Family of Light

Awakening to the truth of who we are is a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to live a life that is truly inspired. Our spiritual community is a family of light that has been brought together by a devotion to Awakening that we feel in our hearts. The direct experience of inner peace and connection with the Spirit is what it’s all about. David Hoffmeister is the inspiration that has drawn the Awakening Mind community together. His radiant joy and boundless energy is the effect of letting go of the ego and identifying completely with Spirit.

We welcome you to join our family of Light!

Deepening in Purpose and the Benefits of Mind Training

An excerpt from David Hoffmeister’s book Awakening through A Course in Miracles:

It takes willingness and attentiveness to examine beliefs closely. You begin by just noticing the thoughts that seem to fill your consciousness and you will gain some idea of how body-related they are. As you give your attention to the purpose of forgiveness, you begin asking in every situation: “What is this for? What does this bring me? Is this pursuit bringing me security and connectedness and peace and harmony? If I know where I’m going to be staying, who I’m going to be with, and what I’m going to be doing in the future, what does this really bring me? Has there ever been a lasting peace and security in knowing the past or attempting to figure out the future?” What self-concept has ever brought you a lasting experience of connectedness? ~ David Hoffmeister

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