Everything Is Beautiful

Everything Is BeautifulMhhh… I am endlessly in Love with what is happening in the dream of the Extension Center recently! Everything is happening based on inspiration! All sense of right and wrong is flying out the window and all that is left is authentic expression in every instant!

This means that every feeling is followed through—even, when it seems that I am totally uninspired to do anything! Then I still follow that! And see where it takes me. Recently this has meant that for about 4 days I haven’t felt to do much of anything; even getting out of bed had not been inspiring to me. A few months ago, or even just a few weeks ago, I would have beaten myself up for that, but I can feel that that just isn’t the way anymore. The quote from Solaris keeps popping into my mind constantly: “We don’t have to think like that anymore.” There is just absolutely nothing wrong, ever! Even when it means that I don’t feel inspired. So what?! Whoop-dee-doo! It’s just part of the flow of Life; some days I feel highly energetic and inspired to go about all sorts of tasks, and joinings, and whatever else might come my way. Other days, I don’t want anything to do with those things. And what’s so bad about that? Absolutely nothing. Because if that’s the way I feel on those days, then that’s just it, and it needs to be expressed just that way! And as soon as it is all allowed, it simply passes and shifts. I can even see that thinking I am not inspired is just a judgment placed on what is happening—what if I am not uninspired, but simply inspired to spend a few days restfully and meditatively? 🙂

It’s all about true Authenticity for me these days! And reflections of that are showing up everywhere! We watched Dallas Buyers Club recently with Jackie, who set that movie up beautifully! The movie is all about the way Spirit uses the main character’s personality in the most helpful way for the Whole. It seems like his character traits could be judged negatively, and yet Spirit sees only beauty in him. When everything is allowed fully, and it is seen that there is nothing ever wrong, all that comes through is pure inspiration and joy and love. And that is really what I’m experiencing about myself! I am the way I am and it’s so awesome that that’s the way I am! Why would I ever want to change that?! All Spirit wants is to use me as I am and let Him flow through me as I am. Nothing else! And I am finding such freedom and intense joy in that! When I stand in That, I am surrounded by That; the world reflects it all. Everything is beautiful! Even the rain clouds are vibrant with ecstasy!

I cannot judge form anymore at all! Even when it seems like something is wrong, I cannot see it anymore. One night recently I had some body symptoms, I was shaky, I was freezing, and I felt nauseous—every once in a while a judgment popped in that wanted to say that what I was experiencing was bad and it was looking into the past and making up a future out of past associations with those feelings. But then a different perception popped in that didn’t judge the experience, and I kept remembering a video of David we just watched the night before in which he talked about a situation where it looked like he was having car trouble. But because of the mindset he found himself in, where he was literally unable to see problems, there was no car trouble. Nothing went wrong anywhere! There was no judgment of the situation in his mind about the noises the car was making and everything was just perfect. That night, when I had no judgment about the things my body was experiencing I was able to feel restful and all the past associations dropped from my mind—and so did the symptoms. My mind shifted from fear and anxiety to rest and peace. Absolutely beautiful!

It only takes a tweak in perception to stand in true Magnitude, to stand in Who I Am. And man, when I’m there, there is nothing better and I just want to join with everyone and everything around me. In fact, I realize that I AM One with everything already! I am in absolute Love with everything and everyone, and most of all, I am in Love with me and Who I Am! It’s such a tremendous release to come to the definite recognition that Who I Am is Perfect!! Perfect without opposite! And in that, I find nothing but rest.

Thank you, God! And thank you, my mighty companions!!

I Love You,