There Is JOY in JOYning


Hi Everyone,

I have been experiencing the exquisite joy of opening up and joining deeply with my brothers lately. I have also noticed how excruciating it is when I withhold anything.

Some examples of this that come to mind have been during some recent movie-watching experiences. I noticed myself having thoughts like, “Wow what a great movie that was…” or on other occasions, “What a terrible movie that was!”

And then it occurred to me that on each occasion that I was having these joyful experiences it was always when I was feeling joyful and often when I’d had a deep joining and release with a friend. And the opposite was true as well. For each movie-watching experience that seemed horrible I had basically felt like crap and disconnected prior to the viewing.

These experiences have helped me to see the neutrality in all that plays out in this world of form. Whatever I bring to these situations is how it will be for me. If I bring love and joy the experience is joyous. If I bring doubt and fear and anger..… well, every situation turns into Dark City.… even watching a light-hearted comedy.

The two thought systems that operate in the mind really have no meeting place. One of them is completely gentle and natural and the other heavy and full of despair. And listening to either brings completely contrary results and experiences.

As I embrace and accept my true worthiness, the tolerance for darkness and separation is disappearing. Each time I make the choice to expose “embarrassing” or “shameful” thoughts with a desire to be authentic and true, this world of lightness, love, and connection opens up. In truth this world was always there, I had just pushed it out of awareness through an ancient game of hiding and “Let’s pretend I’m something I’m not.”

What a joy to be in the awareness of all of this and to feel so linked with so many deeply devoted brothers, so joined in this one purpose of awakening to Truth and laughing at the ridiculousness that there could be anything else than singular Reality..… LOVE.