Quiet Time

Quiet TimeI love to meditate in the morning. When I sit down, thoughts are already rolling and it seems like I’m being carried along on a narrow river of one after the other. As I ride, I begin to notice I can choose where I look; some thoughts seem to be taking me off on little side trips. Some images and side trips seem interesting, but not really.

Gradually it all slows down and broadens out. Feeling-charged images lose their appeal as I just prefer feeling good. When I sense a diversion coming, I might gently say “now” to myself, or breathe, and let it go. Something warm takes its place. Just floating is good—a sense of the deep current. Nothing to do. Eyes closed, I can’t tell if I’m moving. It’s peaceful here. There is nothing else. Little stuff comes along; let it go. Perfect. God loves me, wants this peace for me.

Mmm delicious.

Peace, love, and joy,