Extension from the NOW

Words of Gratitude from the NOW Year Retreat:

“The retreat for me was about being shown and experiencing the always-present, always-available Now Moment. It takes but one Instant to drop it all… the story, the situation, the blame, the past and future… and rest in the Stillness, in the vast space of total Presence. It was a treat to be immersed in and be witness to healing-in-action with other dedicated brothers and sisters. “Personally” for me, I felt supported and loved and was happy to share healing with everyOne. I am so grateful.” ~ Annalisa

“The NOW Year Retreat was simply about simplicity. Simple daily meals, sinking into the silence, sharing from the soul and seeing that in this moment there is nothing that needs to be changed, fixed or figured out. Everything we need for our healing is right here, right now. What am I feeling? Get in touch with that, feel it fully, wait for it to dissipate. No need to uphold an old story about why I feel such and such, or to get hung up about why I’m not happier, more spiritual, or further along.” ~ Laverne

“The NOW year Retreat was the best thing I could have done, at the right time. Being with the community enabled a deeper connection to the Holy Spirit. It was beautiful to connect with so many wonderful people all walking a similar path. I am very grateful for the experience that I shared with them.” ~ Ariel

“I am grateful for my experience at the Now Year Retreat. Many times during the sessions with Armelle I felt myself dropping into a place of deep peace in my mind. It was such a restful experience that is beyond words… it felt like my true home. In contrast there were also times of great intensity as I faced long held fears of stepping up into true strength and being in communication. I feel since the retreat I am more in touch with the innocence of it all and am loosening from self hatred and judgement.” ~ Colin

“What a beautiful, memorable way to begin the New Year by remembering there is only Now. Guided by Armelle and supported by the Extension Center team felt like a beautiful, collaborative five day journey of sharing, listening and supporting one another’s purpose of waking up into the remembrance of Now’s Love. A New Year’s Eve piano sharing to a beautiful morning sunrise together I felt honored to be a part of the collaborative Joy!” ~ Joe

“What is still with me a week after the Now Year Retreat, and I believe will be with me life long, is ‘Nothing ever happened.’ This is now a tool for me that erases the past and produces forgiveness because it immediately shows me my misperception so that I can let it go. It is quite exhilarating for me, I experience ecstasy and freedom, which brings me into the present moment where I live in Truth. Thank you Armelle.” ~ KC

“My experience at the Now Year Retreat was one of deep inner reflection.  Armelle’s discussions and Knowledge helped to clarify various questions that I had, most notably thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the ego’s “clever” attempt to remain viable by its tricks to keep me out of the Now (Holy Spirit) moment. I am grateful to have followed the guidance of Spirit instead of following the fear that I felt.” ~ Johanna

“Now Year Retreat was the best way to greet Now. My deep gratitude goes to Armelle and the mighty companions who facilitated it. Many of of the deep concepts got turned outside in and clarified, instilling still greater peace. There were exercises I have never done before, many ideas never considered at the new depth. My face hurt from smiling all the time.” ~ Vadim

“This retreat was perfectly orchestrated for me to step into function more fully than ever before, and it felt absolutely beautiful! I have been dropped into a deep sense of gratitude since the retreat began and am still finding myself in that space! Most of all my vigilance to take back all projections is higher than ever, and my desire in every instant to see all things as they are in Truth is growing steadily! I am deeply grateful to Armelle for teaching simply and clearly that there is nothing to fear, even fear itself!” ~ Jutta

“I just loved it, so many reminders of being in the NOW and what a relief and happiness to step out of the ego and just be in the vastness of the NOW! Also a lot of laughter and miracles, I’m really happy that I came such a long way from Sweden, but I really felt the call. I have continued to be mindful about my thoughts and feelings also after the Retreat, and I feel grateful to the Holy Spirit Who led us all into the experience of NOW.” ~ Staffan

“During the retreat I had the experience of thinking of a problem, then asking myself, “Who is it who is having this problem and why?” So I looked around in my mind for the “who” with the problem and I couldn’t find him! The problem was generated by a concept of myself as a body thinking it was necessary to change something or for something to be done in a certain way in order for the Andy-body to be happy. From the vantage point of a still mind in the now moment (perfectly happy), I saw that the problem didn’t really exist.” ~ Andy