All New…

The smell of freshly mowed grass in the middle of January is a new experience for me. It’s wafting through the windows of the Extension Center like the present memory of God. The Course says that Spirit can use our memory to forget the past and to remember God. So fresh and new. Unexpectedly delightful in every moment. To witness the faces of my Brothers lighting up in happiness and joy and to know they are simply a reflection of my own awakening state of mind. This path of remembrance of God is nothing like I ever imagined, and I’m grateful for that.

We flow through our days here at Extension Center in full trust that we are being carried by God. Nothing is out of order. The healing is maximal. We joined Friday night for a second viewing in one week of the Star Trek episode Time’s End, with David’s comments. The movie presents one of the Course’s deepest metaphysical teachings: that in this linear existence of the world, we really live only in the past. That idea that the good memories can hold us back as much as the bad memories has been a difficult notion for me to grasp. Then somehow last night something clicked. Anytime I think about being somewhere else, in the past or future, I’m not in the present and that’s the only place that Love is.

I bask in the simplicity of this awakening journey. Every contraction and every tear was worth it. This is my chosen path and I’m taking back any blame that I’ve ever put on any character in the dream that they were ever the problem or held me back in any way. It was all just a story I made up in my mind to stay separate from the love of God. I don’t want to do that anymore, it just plain hurts. I want to experience fully my magnitude by seeing it in my brothers who are myself.

This backdrop of the Extension Center is purrrfect for the healing of my mind. The characters are all so willing and innocent. Colin flying back to the islands from Australia and spontaneously serenading us with his songs; Joe so humbly and supportively keeping the property – and our minds – pristine with his aloha light; Jutta just jumping right in and showing how easy it is to just listen and follow in every moment, without getting stuck in the old tired stories; Staffan with his gentle laughter and willing Spirit to be vulnerable and open to however the healing unfolds here; Andy wrapping all of us with his boyish enthusiasm for this path of awakening, the Course and David’s teachings; Armelle for staying in constant telepathic communication with us and holding the torch of truth brightly in front of us so we can find our way home.

It is a relief to know that each is playing his part perfectly to help us remember our Christ nature. The tired world rejoices at the blossoming of our hearts and the extension of that love outward into eternity. There is nothing to do now except bask in God’s light and SHINE. I’m all new.

<3 <3 <3 Laverne