The Joy of Not Knowing Anything…

Wow what an awesome day at the EC today… So excited to walk in the main house this morning, not knowing who’s gonna be there, if anyone and how we were gonna be brought together, what would unfold… It was so beautiful to watch the orchestration! So much deep sharing and laughter… Andy sharing that he is in a deep joyful Freedom… wow, beautiful… He looks like a teen! Seeing all thoughts wanting to tell a story about anything, inviting escaping the joy of the Moment, of no plan at all… and suddenly one by one we get up and go about what is calling us! Just a natural flow is guiding everything… everyone is on task, led only by True Inspiration.

Several calls, all so beautiful, sharing the experience of this Freshness… no community, no past, no future, only This as it is… 6 Friends living together and diving in the direct experience of the Perfection of everything… Nothing to do! Really nothing!!! What? nothing? There must be a problem to fix, something to heal, something to change, something out of order… NO! Really nothing to do… Experience be as it is, in its Pure Perfection, no matter how it looks like.

Deep Stillness … that supports everything that’s arising. Thoughts, beliefs, behaviors are seen through! What are you doing? Do you really believe that? You must be kidding! Look at you, it’s not even true and hop, change happens! Pops happens! No trying to change anything though! Just the natural flow of life when there is NO attempt at all to control experience! Wow really powerful… It’s all so spontaneous, arising from this Nothingness… Empty and Full… Resting in this Knowing! Have a sweet sweet night… So much Looooooooooooooove