In this community there is no interest in how we define ourselves, because we only want to hold all in Truth; in the Light; in the Present. It’s such a wonderful path of letting go to actually receive the Truth that I Am. I almost can’t believe I am writing these words because I’m only just now poking my head out of this tunnel I feel I’ve been whisked through. All that is being asked of me is to Awaken to my True Greatness; the True Beauty which has none of these future thoughts or self-concepts. It’s a peeling back of the self-identified layers I seem to have wrapped around me so I could feel protected and give myself false meaning. There is an extreme simplicity to the whole process, and dare I say that there is nothing to be afraid of! This letting go of dreams and concepts which the world holds so dear, shifts to an honest embrace of the one purpose we all share. I’m realizing now that I don’t even feel worthy to admit this, but what I truly, honestly, fully, want is to be Happy in the Love of Christ. That is all I want. That is what we all want.

Sometimes I can feel it in the interactions with those surrounding me; that everyone is holding me up and everyone is encouraging me to the Light; that I am supported and loved by the Father in ways I can’t even imagine. I feel it sometimes in these tiny itsy bitsy ways. What is happening right now is a flow Love and support that I can ride and witness and be in gratitude for, or I can hold onto the sides and think I know what’s best and resist, and hit the walls. It is my choice. Either way I’m loved. I am SOOOO LOVED!!! We are all SOOOOO LOVED!!!

This past month has been a beautiful demonstration of this Love with the expansion at the Extension Center. It’s lovely to have the wider community stopping over for collaborative community meetings, inspirational music jams, and projects. I witness Holiness in all of these encounters, and I feel the Truth piercing through in the absolute commitment within the community to True Love and True Innocence.

In love,
Michael Salita