Holding the Presence

I’ve been praying for a long time to be in service to the Presence, to be in acceptance of what is given every moment and having the willingness to be guided by the Flow of Life. As I am praying, the desire of my Heart is clearly expressed. I didn’t have to do anything to make that happen. I just observed that, at some point, it was Given me to hold the Presence at the Extension Center. I didn’t have any experience. But that was Given by the Holy Spirit! I firstly said, ‘NO’… It was so scary to accept BEING who I really am. It came back to me again and I chose to TRUST and receive what was Offered and to Give FULLY!!!!!

When Michael asked me to write about the experience of holding the Presence at the Extension Center I realized that I couldn’t explain… but I was willing to be guided through it and share with you my experience.

It is not about “leading” or about having some personality or some specific qualities at all. Holding the Presence is really a collaboration/co-creation with God, and everyone and everything that is involved in our community in each and every moment. Holding the Presence seems to me like having and keeping Faith in the Guidance. And everything is used as an opportunity to go Home. As Rumi said “I searched for God and found only MYSELF. I searched for myself and found only GOD.”

Joining and Living in this community is really about being attentive to every movement of life, to every resident,to every space in the house, to the beauty of Nature around and also to the Unexpected. It’s all my mind!!! Every joining with the residents, every expression session, every involvement in projects or following the schedule are moments to be Present, to feel, to see and to express. There is room for everything in that experience : joy, sadness, anger, inspiration, doubts. Nothing is to be rejected. Everything is included. It’s always an opportunity to watch the mind and all its self-concepts. All that is offered is an invitation to explore all the corners of the mind and all resistances, conscious or unconscious, as they arise and are given over to Consciousness.

We are all in support to remind each other that we are Just Love…

We are all experiencing and extending this profound Communication and Inspiration. We are all here to Trust what is Given and Open our Heart to Love. In this way, I can say that everyone is the “Extension Center”.