Community Day

The community day here at the extension center was miraculous. This was a true group collaboration with the folks at Polestar; a community based in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. They volunteer time towards supporting other communities, and on this day they joined, with Hawaii’s Awakening Mind Team, in a massive cleanup of the orchard and grounds at the Extension Center. With two acres of overgrown land as our symbol of the trick of the world, we embraced the moment, unafraid of the resistance.

Close to 20 willing and giving people dove right into the rainy, damp, and muddy outdoors with tools at the ready. The liberation of the beauty that was already here was a gentle reminder of the road we find ourselves on along this awakening path. From the beautiful flowing collaboration we can now see the fruit trees, mow the grass, and walk with ease throughout the land. Our morning ended with the folks at Polestar joyfully leading us in song, meditation and prayer before sharing pizza together. This was a lovely example of joining with brothers and sisters in inspiration.

Jason even had an opportunity to share a couple movie clips to give them a taste of what we’re doing. The space was filled with intrigue.

Into the garden our light shall shine and the plants will breathe Life again.

In loving gratitude,
The Extension Center Team