Precious Gift

We’ve just shifted gears here by welcoming Ricki as the new steward at the Extension Center. Within the first hours of arrival the Love of God was felt in the most gentle and supportive of ways. Within one day she felt the call to change the structure here and the team flowed right into it. And after only a few days there is already a profound healing taking place in the Mind. Expression, Clarity, and Trust are active in supporting this profound shift to come in with ease.

Ricki has already taught the deep innocence which is our rightful inheritance, and the power in being honest during expression sessions. Ricki has brought the Gift of the Holy Spirit with her devotion to Truth. We are being reminded each moment of Christ’s Love from this new leadership. She has infused us with her passion and supported us in witnessing the beauty and power of joining with devoted sisters and brothers. Everyone is incredibly grateful for the demonstration of this precious Gift of God’s Love for His Son.

In love,
Michael Salita