A Letter of Gratitude

A Letter of Gratitude

Thank You to Everyone who has been a part of the Extension Center!!! As things will wrap up here at the Center in Hawaii in the next couple of weeks I am feeling an overwhelming desire to say, “Thank you” to all who have been part of this incredible adventure over this past year and a bit.

Jason and Salita … oh my God!!! Thank you for having this vision and desire to follow through with this project when many others were not feeling it. Jason had led so many of these type of projects over the years yet was willing to step in again and do it all from a completely fresh perspective. Love you so much! And Salita, you were so instrumental in getting this whole thing going. Thanks so much for stepping into the leadership role at the Center and for your huge courage and willingness in stepping away from your previous role and life on the island.

And I want to thank my friend, Nikita. Oh my God, your non-compromising nature and sheer passion for the Truth has been such an inspiration to me. I love you so much!

Bob and KJ, thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this place. Wow, you guys are a powerhouse of energy. You rock!

Catarina, I loved you so much from the moment you arrived! Your loving presence was so felt and so appreciated. I feel really excited about seeing you soon in Mexico!

Armelle, wow, huge thanks to you for stepping in to oversee the Center for all those months. Witnessing your light, love, and unstoppable desire for truth will forever be a source of immense gratitude for me.

Kirsten … I just love you soooo much. You have been such a huge part of my journey. Forever grateful to you!

Jutta, thank you for everything! It’s like you just burst on the scene here, so fresh and young and within a matter of months were overseeing the Center! What a joy and inspiration you are.

Joe, I just love you! What a dear, loving friend you are! Thank you for all you have done here!

Laverne, my sweet sweet sister. Thanks for everything from Quickbooks, to shopping, to just being a great loving companion!

And my dear sweet friends, Geoff, Gavin, Andy, Staffan, Thomas, Pete, Rochelle, Ricki, Sarah, Kerri, KC, AC, Joanna, Jackie, JP … all of you have stayed here for varying lengths of time and your Presence was so felt!

It’s just Jutta, Greg, and I here for now. Greg, oh my God, thank you. You have have given so much here in so many ways! What a gift you are.

I recall when Jason, Jackie, Thomas, and Bob picked me up from the airport in February last year. On our way back to the Yurt village where I was to be staying we did a stop at Maile St. This was to become the Extension Center and we did a brief tour of the 2-acre property. What a state it was in! Overgrown yard, moss ridden driveway, putrid rooms with old stained carpet and filthy walls. Garbage and discarded drug containers strewn in various places, clogged up toilets … you get the picture. I recall the enthusiasm from everyone there … except me. At one point Jason, sensing my quietness, asked me what I thought. I didn’t share that I wanted to go back to Australia, but didn’t hide my lack of inspiration. He just laughed.

Wow what a trip this has all been. Lots of love, (not blood), sweat, and tears!

I feel so blessed to have been a part of all of this and to have such incredible witnesses of forgiveness and devotion in my life. What an honor to be walking beside you all!

In deep love and gratitude,