Quantum Love: Breaking My Heart Wide Open!

A letter expressing infinite gratitude for the experience of a heart breaking wide open:

There is always a way!Hi Kirsten,

For 2 days now, all I can hear is a story you told me about JP, about how if you ask him if he can do something he replies, “There is always a way.” The time has come…. I AM JP!!!

I am finding that I actually want no autonomy at all. And as I am less tolerant of old ways of thinking, I still feel such a resonance with supporting and serving in any way I can. Your demonstration of true empathy, combined with your calling to let everyone know how much God loves them, has changed my mind about my own mind. My ability to continue to open my heart to love, while at the same time stepping back and starting to experience it all as impersonal, is a feeling of freedom and joy. … somehow I am healing. I can FEEL it!!!

I read something that said something like…. Your body will be used only that I heal your brothers through you. Makes me cry. Thank you for this demonstration. The gratitude I feel is overwhelming, and the love is breaking my heart wide open and into realms I have never experienced before now.


Quantum Love

Quantum Love: The Musical Collection. Each song is a prayer from the Heart. The title track, “Quantum Love,” is an anthem: “Love radiates, undefined. It’s all-inclusive, one Love, one Heart, one Mind.”

~Kirsten Buxton and Ricki Comeaux