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Healing in Mind

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Releasing Abuse
ACIM Lesson 157
An Experiment in Forgiveness
Approaching the Atonement
Are We Here to Grow?
Nothing Besides Truth
Releasing Betrayal
Abstract Light Beyond Body
Symbols of One

Chapter 2

A Religion Based on ACIM?
Cause and Effect
Chapters 27 – 29 of ACIM
Christian Science and ACIM
Clarification about the Bible
Coming to True Perception
Crossing the Barrier to Peace
David, Is It Real?
The Call to Remember God
Desire Is the Key

Chapter 3

Does My Brother’s Pain Exist?
Can I Simply Drop It All?
Getting to the Bottom of Belief
Is It Ever Right to Give up on a Relationship?
God Is a Pure Idea as Is Christ
Flowing in Gratitude
Gratitude 2
Gratitude 3
Forgiving Feelings of Betrayal
Help with Lesson 25
How Did You Turn Your Ego Off?

Chapter 4

Ideas Leave Not Their Source
Is It Helpful to Have a Guru?
Is Sex Ever an Act of Love?
Karma Revisited
Looking Past the Form by Releasing False Belief
The Experience of Love
Mind Watching with the Holy Spirit
Not Going Anywhere
Nothing Happening and Not Seeing
Having One’s Own Gathering
Opening to Divine Providence

Chapter 5

Questions on Physical Pain, Enlightenment, Killing, and Vegetarianism
How Should I Practice the Workbook Lessons?
Pregnancy and Parenting
Pretending to be Human
Can You Reconcile Evil and Abuse with Innocence?
Releasing the Fear of a Special Love Relationship
Sexual Abuse Issues
Confusion around Sexuality
Stepping Stones in ACIM
Re: Stewardship

Chapter 6

Looking for a Spiritual Home and Seemingly Stuck
Taking the Next Step
Thank You/Help
The Brain/Mind Confusion
Self Forgiveness
Through the Darkness to the Light
Transfer of Training Means Making no Exceptions
Not Using Miracles as Spectacles to Induce Belief
to Dissolve Questions and Experience Certainty
Very Basic Questions
What about the Holocaust?
What I Can Control vs. What I Can’t Control

Chapter 7

What Is Abstract Light?
What Is real?
When Will This Thirst End?
Take the Leap of Faith
Searching for a Calling
What Is Life without Goals and Ambitions?
Awakening Advice
Form vs. Content
Calling Forth the Witnesses to Love
Pondering Thoughts on Forgiveness
Awakening to Christ Light

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