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Awakening Mind Foundation

Awakening Mind Foundation

You have come upon a foundation dedicated to Enlightenment and the Awakening mind. Forgiveness dissolves illusion and restores a state of mind that delights in experiencing the present moment! Enlightenment is a free gift and so are all the ideas available to use in accepting it. Throughout this website you will find many resources that we happily share with you in support of Awakening to the truth of who we are. We welcome you to join our large global mailing list for inspirational messages and information about gatherings, and to sign up to receive our newsletter.


Prayer is the medium of staying in connection, in communion, and we pray unceasingly. If you wish to contact us we would love to hear from you! The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is supported through donations and the Love offerings we receive. When Enlightenment is deeply desired, the means are always provided.

Value What is Forever Free! We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit, publicly supported foundation devoted to the purpose of experiencing inner peace. Our curriculum is learning forgiveness. Our means are miracles. Our end is Enlightenment/salvation now. In God we trust. And in the tranquility of the eternal now we have our being.

What Is Prayer?

What is prayer? With A Course in Miracle,  there were two supplements given: One on psychotherapy and another on prayer. These supplements, Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and The Song of Prayer: Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing, are extensions of the principles of A Course in Miracles. Both of these supplements are included in the Third Edition of the Course.

The introduction to The Song of Prayer tells us that:

Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation. It was then what it is to become; the single voice Creator and creation share; the song the Son sings to the Father, Who returns the thanks it offers Him unto the Son. Endless the harmony, and endless, too, the joyous concord of the Love They give forever to Each Other. And in this, creation is extended. God gives thanks to His extension in His Son. His Son gives thanks for his creation, in the song of his creating in his Father’s Name. The Love They share is what all prayer will be throughout eternity, when time is done. For such it was before time seemed to be.

To you who are in time a little while, prayer takes the form that best will suit your need. You have but one. What God created one must recognize its oneness, and rejoice that what illusions seemed to separate is one forever in the Mind of God. Prayer now must be the means by which God’s Son leaves separate goals and separate interests by, and turns in holy gladness to the truth of union in his Father and himself.

Lay down your dreams, you holy Son of God, and rising up as God created you, dispense with idols and remember Him. Prayer will sustain you now, and bless you as you lift your heart to Him in rising song that reaches higher and then higher still, until both high and low have disappeared. Faith in your goal will grow and hold you up as you ascend the shining stairway to the lawns of Heaven and the gate of peace. For this is prayer, and here salvation is. This is the way. It is God’s gift to you. A Course in Miracles, S-1.in.1-3

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