You Are Not That

Something soft and very nurturing is happening for me right now.

It has felt like there was a period of stirring going on; quite disorientating and part of my mind wanted to judge the experience and tell me that I should do something about intense, ambiguous and very present feelings. Well, I am finding that what I need to do is absolutely nothing. I just let them be. It’s all about not escaping them, because there simply is nothing wrong with any of them! The only discomfort I feel is when I identify with those thoughts and make up a whole story around them – even when I feel feelings such as fear, pain, despair, sorrow and so on, they are not at all uncomfortable in and of themselves!! It’s just the story and the hanging onto them that creates the discomfort!!!

Recently something has been happening when a thought comes in… maybe something like “I am not enough,” I notice the thought and I listen to what it has to say and for an instant I find myself going along with the story and it almost feels as if my mind just starts wandering off into dreams or goes asleep. And then I notice that too. And right away a shift happens and I find myself back in the Present. It feels like Spirit is always here with me, in me, and always brings me back to my Real thoughts, and I am always reminded of Who I Am in Truth and reminded that those arising thoughts are merely passers-by, visitors that come and stay for a while and then move on.

It just feels like Spirit is constantly telling me “You are not that,” whenever I find myself confused about my true Identity. I cannot even begin to put into words how grateful I am to this!

And I feel like I get it now! I finally get it now! I feel like I’m just an observer here. A quiet observer. A little mouse in the corner, always safe, just watching everything happening, watching life happening. From this place the sense of Peace, the sense of my true Identity, never leaves. It can’t be changed nor can it even be touched by any of it! Feelings come through and I get to watch them like I watch movies. Thoughts come through and I get to listen to them like I listen to music. Everything is interesting in this way! From this place I get to see it all! And it is all beautiful! And there is nothing ever wrong with any of it! Everything is perfect Here! Everything is so perfect Here!! Thank you God!