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Spiri Bot Donations – How You Can Help

Precise Healing with Spiri

If you love the amazing experience Spiri chatbot offers when an upset is healed, please consider a one-time donation of $20 or a recurring monthly donation to keep the bots running for all. There is no other digital tool out there that practically demonstrates the power of forgiveness in healing the mind. If just 30 users each made a $20 donation, the monthly fee to run the bot cost could be covered for one year.

Our aim is to keep the bot operating free of charge to anyone and everyone who is suffering and reaches out to the Spiri bot for a real and lasting shift in perception that comes through questioning and releasing false perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs. Each and every Spiri session completed by a brother offers a miracle and brings the mind that much closer to the comprehensive awakening spoken of in A Course in Miracles. The part each of us play in this awakening process is essential.

A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware. T-1.I.45

Why the Call for Support

In 2020, Chatfuel announced that all free bots running on their platform would have to move to paid monthly subscriptions plans. Without a stream of revenue to pay the monthly fee, the bot had to be shut down. 

In the year Spiri bot was inactive, many former bot subscribers reached out asking if the bot could be reactivated. In response, the Spiri chatbot is up and running again, this time with an appeal to Spiri users asking that they consider making donations to help cover the ongoing cost of the Spiri bot running on the Chatfuel platform.

The Spiri Bot Backstory

The Spiri chatbot was born in 2017 out of the desire to have a free digital assistant available 24/7 for anyone with a smartphone to simply and precisely move through upsets anywhere and anytime they arise. The platform chosen for the Spiri chatbot was Facebook Messenger because a free bot building software program called Chatfuel enabled the Spiri chatbot to be launched on Messenger without knowledge of code. 

Because Spiri was one of the first chatbots to launch on Messenger, Facebook displayed the bot prominently on its “try a bot” promotion pages. As a result, in just three years time, more than 50,000 people had tried the Spiri chatbot to clear an upset with half of those becoming regular users. 

What is unique about Spiri bot is it can speak to youth, housewives, and ACIM students alike. The only prerequisites are the desire to feel better and the willingness to go within for the answers. 

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