Sinking into What Is

Today, at the Extension Center Hawaii we all joined in a week long commitment to This, What Is… throwing away all ideas of how things are to be, that anything ever needs to be different, that healing is needed, that something could be out of order, any idea of right or wrong doing, any idea of being the doer of anything, any idea about anything (even community or any association with any specific form) and we open ourselves up to be shown in a deeper way than ever the magic of Life in its full Simplicity! Accepting our True Innocence and extending only that… In this Moment, there is only the Perfection. When you sink into it you realize that there can’t ever be a problem. The ego doesn’t want you to know that at a deep level, because it’s its end.

When you rest in the fact that nothing is ever to be changed, terror comes and takes you to distract you from the quietness and fullness of This. Keeping sinking into it allows you to recognize that there is just NOTHING! Nothing at all… Nothing is ever happening. Images are seen on the screen of the world, but nothing is happening. Stillness is all that pervades from the True Experience. All else, even the most spiritual ideas are merely distractions, escape from This. What is left when you STOP everything?

You are the Love that you’ve been searching for. You are that Perfection! No healing is required for That. For That is What You Are…

We are going to have a very spontaneous week, soooo much JOY already!!! How are we gonna meet tomorrow? Where? When? All fresh and new… yeahhhhhh

For a good start, we just watched “the Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, what best to release any fixed idea of time and open up to live fully every Moment!