Shake the Concepts

Shake the ConceptsI cannot do anything wrong. That is the lesson that has been Given over and over in the past few weeks. Nothing can go wrong; everything is perfect.

I’ve been having such contrasting experiences recently. From the deepest feeling of connectedness with God to the deepest feeling of despair. The pendulum swings hard these days! I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I took some much needed time to pray this morning – a prompt I followed thanks to a loving reminder from a dear brother. What I found was that I thought things had to be different from the way they were, that I had to have different feelings and different reactions and different thoughts. Wow! I am glad I was open enough to see that I wanted Peace instead of that, that I indeed wanted Peace more than unhappiness. I went into my feelings deeply, and what I saw was that I thought that I was trapped in wrongness beyond repair. And only a miracle could change my mind about that.

Spirit quickly showed me very gently that All is well already and always! And He took me into the quiet place within that is filled with Peace and Perfection and showed me that that is Who I Am. And Spirit only wants for me to be Who I Am! That’s all He wants, and that is all that God wants. It is His Will that I Am that, and so it is my Will too! It just must be!

Spirit doesn’t judge, He doesn’t analyze, so any judgement I seem to feel towards my thoughts and feelings must come from the ego, the place where Clarity is obsolete.

I see the huge helpfulness of sincere Prayer… over and over again, when I allow myself to enter that still Place in which I can hear Spirit, my mind shifts and I allow the miracle to be. Clarity, Trust, real Strength and Peace are my instant rewards here and I want to keep reminding myself that that is always available, always here. All I have to do is allow myself to step back, relinquish all control and judgment and let Him lead the way, and lead my thoughts. I want to let Spirit always lead me and steer me back onto the Path that is straight and narrow, when I temporarily seem to have lost sight of it.

The self-concept that I am anything but perfect is simply getting too small, and I gladly trade it in for something bigger, something more inclusive, something more true. It feels so freeing! Thank you mighties, thank you Spirit!

With such Love and Gratitude,