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Chapter 2

Subject: Can We Form a Religion Based on ACIM?


David, In 1980 I came across A Course in Miracles. I remember starting to read the Text. All the words made sense. There was a spiritual message in every sentence of every paragraph and in every chapter. I read with caution, as I expected at any moment the story line would change and there would be some weird cosmology or a fearless leader to follow. It was with great relief when I finished all three books and found them to be a meaningful and coherent spiritual path.

The Course is a pure spiritual path of itself. It has the single purpose of teaching us the complete escape from fear. But experience has shown me that the students of the Course are not as single minded. Almost everyone new to the Course comes with expectations of how to improve relationships and career, make more money, learn new healing techniques, and make new friends. It is the pursuit of “worldly healing” which has fractured the Course community.

It is my belief that the Course community needs to come together and formally organize a religion based on A Course in Miracles. I know this sounds frightening considering the track record of religion for the past 6000 years, but the truth is that the alternative would likely be much worse. Without understanding the key to the course, it’s just a jumble of very poetic and inspiring words. When the key is understood and put into practice, the miracles really start happening full time and the many parts of the course’s message becomes a coherent whole. The key to the course is the holy instant. The holy instant is a brief moment, experienced in time but stepping out of time to remember our True Self. It is a moment, however brief, where the mind is completely still and the patterns of the world are absent. In this absence of the world, the mind is revitalized and refreshed in remembrance of its true origin. In this remembrance is the simultaneous awareness of our Creator, our Brother, and our Self, knowing them all as one.

When the mind is perfectly still in this instant, we open the doorway to the infinite strength and beauty of the mind’s source. The wisdom of our Creator can manifest Himself as the Holy Spirit, and having access to our body, speech and thoughts, use our current situation on behalf of healing the Sonship; the totality of all life. To properly use this key, we simply practice the holy instant as often and frequently as we possibly can, when we awake, all through our day, and when we retire at night. In each practice of the holy instant, a miracle is born into the world. The more we practice the holy instant, the more miracles there are linking each moment to the next, until our minds experience the Atonement, the continual practice. Each lesson of the course is a lesson in practicing the holy instant.

We are taught that there is only one answer to all our problems, the holy instant. All the suffering in this world is caused merely from a lack of love. Each holy instant is a maximal expression of love, an unconditional love that flows across all darkness, pain and suffering. The holy instant is the simple message that love is our source, love is what we are, and love is how we communicate with our source and all creation. Love is both the means and the goal for all our actions, words, and thoughts. Keeping these ideas in mind while reading the course makes the whole curriculum appear as a coherent and meaningful whole. For all the pages between its covers, ACIM has a very simple and clear message. The message cannot be repeated in a simple phrase, but it can be understood as a simple idea. Our language has evolved in such a way as to hide this simple idea, hence many words are needed to teach it.

People need to see what the Bible really has to say, in its own words. The real message of the Bible is that treachery is good when used for ourselves, that God favors a few over the many, that big shepherd families need choice lands belonging to others, and that war is a suitable means for taking that land. the Bible tells the story of how Moses and his forefathers were given the land of Canaan by God, yet they had to raise an army and destroy its inhabitants in complete genocide to effect God’s will. This story is repeated throughout the past 6000 years of humanity as nearly two thirds of the world’s religions rely on the story of Moses as their basic religious text. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are comprised of good people with a rotten doctrine at the core of their beliefs. It is ironic that the people of these religions seeking stability and peace through Biblical guidance are given advice and example completely contrary to their goals.

One has to ask how humanity has survived for so long with these doctrines, and the answer is obvious. There have been few alternatives left available since most practitioners of more peaceful religions were systematically slaughtered, as a matter of religious doctrine. A Course in Miracles is not a religion of itself. The Course is a very focused and effective spiritual path that leads out of fear, darkness, and suffering of all kind. Religion is the codification of a spiritual teaching. When we interpret a spiritual teaching and compare it to our worldly situation, the interpretation becomes the code of conduct. The interpretation becomes the reference by which we live our worldly life, even though the spiritual teaching was about transcending worldly life. Unfortunately, most of humanity is not ready to transcend fear or its cause. But that need not spell the end of A Course in Miracles or any pure spiritual teaching.

The codification of the Course would serve a useful purpose during the time the student gradually lets go of the causes of suffering. A code of conduct, based upon A Course in Miracles and conducive to its practice would provide a bridge between the world and God. That is precisely what the Bible was supposed to do. The Bible is based upon the story of Moses. The story of Moses is a sick story of genocide, incest, treachery, and war. It cannot but follow that any religion based upon the story of Moses will bear fruits of these kind. A Course in Miracles is based upon Truth, love, forgiveness, trust, patience, tolerance, joy, and inner peace. A religion based upon this spiritual document could only lead to fruits of these kind. Why should we make a conscious effort to create a new religion? Why can’t we just let it evolve on its own?

The reason is time. Given enough time our current world law will deteriorate. This could happen through natural disaster or the discovery of a powerful new weapon. It could happen through sheer ignorance. For example, our dropping the ball with discipline in schools has led to a new school shooting nearly every month. It is only a matter of time. We desperately need to get working on a new religion, incapable of generating class distinctions, race discrimination, or gender bias. We need a religion that will support the social structures that strengthen humanity, contribute to its overall health, and encourage spiritual growth. The paternalistic and racially divisive nature of the Mosaic books are unhealthy for humanity and for individual spiritual development. They are a threat to our future and to the future of humanity. They are a threat to humanity even today and always have been. The Mosaic books are not the true words about the true works of a truly loving God.

We must get the word out. We must call out the need to search for truth. We take for granted that the world has the Internet, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. But this is it. This is the big break humanity has been waiting for. We have the spiritual teaching of ACIM, we have the means for positive and meaningful change. It would be a tragedy indeed to get this far and not take advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Beloved Child of God,

Thanks for your devotion to Awakening. It is always a blessing to seek the Lord with all your heart and soul and might, and what one seeks within one will find. Religion is experience and the experience of peace is natural for a Child of God, yet it must be uncovered and discovered if it seems to be beyond awareness. Religion is truly the experience of the Holy Instant, the Present Moment, for what time but Now can Truth be known. Now is the only time there is. If you read lesson #135 in the Workbook of ACIM you see that defensiveness arises with the attempt to plan the future, activate the past, or organize the present. Religion is experience, never theology or doctrine or ritual, and the experience of the Present Moment cannot be organized. When Christ says “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” and “the Kingdom of Heaven is Now” and “the Kingdom of Heaven is within,” this refers to the Present Moment, the Holy Instant. The Present is before time was, and this is the meaning of the statement: “Before Abraham was, I am.” History would not seem to exist unless the same mistake was repeated over and over. Atonement shows that the “mistake” of separation was never real and therefore has had no effect on Reality. It is impossible for that which never happened to change God’s Love, Which is forever Real and True.

I love You forever and ever,


Subject: Re: (Cause and Effect, etc.)


Thank you so much for your help. I wonder if you could kindly elaborate on the thought expressed in the section titled Healing as Release from Fear that says that “it can be believed (erroneously) that the mind can miscreate in the body, or that the body can miscreate in the mind. I realize that the body does not create…. but I don’t understand the words ….. that “the mind can miscreate in the body. “ Is another way of saying that that fearful thoughts create disease in the body. And what would be an example of believing that the body can miscreate in the mind.

With gratitude


Beloved One,

Thanks for your questions. Yes, you are on the right track. It can be believed erroneously that the mind can miscreate in the body, and this is the attempt to project guilt onto the body. But since ideas leave not their source, it is the sleeping mind which continues to retain the guilt. Until the sleeping mind forgives it cannot “get rid of” guilt. Through the attempt to project guilt the mind keeps it. Projection is really a defense mechanism through which the ego keeps the mind feeling guilty. An example of believing that the body can miscreate in the mind is the belief that behaviors and actions can damage the mind. The thoughts: “your behavior has harmed your son’s mind” or “those violent behaviors in that TV show can damage your child’s mind” are two examples of this. Behavior is never causative, being a byproduct of thought. What you do comes from what you think. The lesson of forgiveness teaches that only mind is causative and that mind cannot create beyond itself. Mind reaches to itself. It does not go out. Within itself is everything, you within it and it within you. There is nothing else. Atonement shows that You are a Divine Mind, wholly Mind, and Purely Mind. You remain forever an Idea in the Mind of God. The Christ Idea! All Glory to the Living God, and thanks be to God for creating Christ Perfect, Eternal, and Free in Spirit. Amen.



Subject: Insight about Chapters 27 – 29 of ACIM


Dear David,

I just finished reading Chapters 27 – 29 of ACIM. The chapters refer to “dreams” and “gap”. There appears to be a little confusion concerning the following: Everything outside of us is a dream that we (dreamers) made. Thus, the entire cosmos is a dream we made. Yet the dream is nothing (illusion). Then, it (ACIM) discusses on how to approach (forgive) your brother by not accepting his dream (sickness). If your brother appears to be in your dream then he is an illusion. Perhaps, the brother appears in your dream the way you perceive him, yet he is also the Son of God (which is beyond the perception/dream). So forgiving your brother who appears to be attacking at you is the same as forgiving yourself because you still perceive “attack” outside of you which means that “fear” or “gap” still there (within). Is that a correct interpretation of ACIM? I would appreciate if you could share your insight about these chapters. I want (I am very desirous) to awake from the “dream” / I want to let go of all illusions just like letting go of a pencil out your hand. I want to be healed so that I can heal others.

Gratefully yours with everlasting love,

Holy One


Beloved of God,

Thanks for your devotion to Awakening. The gap of time-space is all that needs be overlooked or forgiven. This was a gap believed to be between Cause (God) and Effect (Christ). Yet as Jesus said, I and the Father are One. There is no gap in what is an Eternal, Real Relationship of Pure Spirit. The illusory gap of separation seemed to project a script of bodies, each going their own separate ways. In sleep “minds” seem walled off by flesh, alone and isolated. Forgiveness recognizes mind as one and therefore overlooks the belief in private minds and private thoughts. Sickness is literally an impossible thought because it has no “source” and cannot be shared. Only the Mind of God can BE shared, for such is Creation. Forgiveness opens the door to Self-realization, for forgiveness sees that there is nothing “outside” of mind. Mind reaches to itself, it does not go out. It encompasses you entirely. Within itself is everything, you within it and it within you. There is nothing else anywhere or ever. True empathy means sharing or extending only what is true, for only Truth can BE shared. False empathy is the erroneous attempt to share a concept that God did not create. God did not create the concept of sickness and so it cannot be shared. There is only one dreamer and this is why you are asked to join the dreamer and not the dream. The dream of bodies cannot be joined, and bodies do not join. The body was made as a concrete symbol of separation, yet given to the Holy Spirit it serves solely as a means or symbol of communication. In Enlightenment, the recognition of the Pure Oneness of Mind, the body has no Purpose because it has no existence. At no single instant does the body exist at all. The body is always remembered or anticipated but never Present. This means that the body is an illusory time-based concept. Illusions are one and so forgiveness lets them all go together. This has been stated many ways (for example there is only one problem that is already solved). No hierarchy of illusions. No order of difficulty in miracles. Atonement is complete forgiveness. It sees that the separation from God never happened. Forgiveness is Still and quietly does nothing. It looks and watches and judges not. Such is healing. Such is mind at rest.

Blessings of Love,


Subject: Christian Science and A Course in Miracles



I was interested in the course many years ago, but drifted away. Since then I have become a devout Christian Scientist. It seems the 2 are in many ways similar, and I feel that studying the course might make me a better Christian Scientist. Do you have any thoughts on this? I have always thought studying CS would help anyone, no matter what path they choose. I just do not want to get into the course again and find out that it is not compatible with Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings. Christian Science is my life, along with my pug Baxter.


Beloved One,

Thanks for your e-mail and for your devotion to Awakening. The Holy Spirit is Guiding you to an experience. Let the Holy Spirit within Guide your approach to this experience. Christian Science and ACIM are reflections of the same Divine Principle, inspired by the same Source. Let your goal be forgiveness, Awakening to God’s Love, and trust that the seeming tools and symbols of the moment are the Holy Spirit’s gifts to you to use as Guided. Form will always seem to vary until Atonement is accepted, for Atonement is the Content that shows the meaninglessness of the concept of “different forms.” Illusions are one and therefore the same. Books and paths seem to be separate forms until the goal they point to is recognized. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the happy realization that there are not “two” to compare. 🙂

Blessings of Love!

In Peace,


Subject: Clarification about The Bible


Hi David,

I know you said you would be away for a couple of weeks. I have been reading many things on the Awakening mind site. And the Group. After reading many of your writings I’m wondering. I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I have read your writings. I have been Blessed by your writings. But I’m wondering – the Bible clearly talks about Heaven and Hell. And I know universal Atonement and forgiveness is for everyone. I Believe the words of the Bible are not man’s words but the Bible is Inspired by God. So I believe everything is true. The Bible talks about Jesus returning for his Elect. And we ultimately make the choice to Receive or reject God and Salvation – The Finished Work of Atonement. He Draws us – we do have free will and we can choose not to respond. God did not create us as robots. I want to understand. Those that are killing and murdering and continuing in this and will not receive God’s Atonement – will they be in Heaven or awaken to Heaven? I know you say heaven is now and the Holy Instant is now. God drew me to Himself. I was on the way to a Health store. And it was not open yet. And a young lady was talking about my salvation that instant. I was awakened from the slumber – it was like a light came on. I do go to a Church and fellowship and I will continue to walk in love and light. When I read your writings I feel love and Joy but then I don’t understand many things.

The Bible says heaven and earth will pass away but my Word will not pass away. What about the Gospel being preached for every nation? If Heaven is now and we can live in a heavenly state now why does it say God will return for his elect? The Bible makes it clear not every one will receive salvation. God does not force us to worship him. I know its not God’s will that any man should perish. Are we not accountable for our actions and reap what we sow. From what I read on your site I’m questioning everything. So when I wake up and see the clouds and see my family and go outside that is not real. Everything I see I know is temporal and fleeting. And you said there is no time. God created time, did He not, for us? I know He exists in eternity. Does not God communicate with us through his Holy Spirit according to our understanding. Sin is not real there is atonement for it. The world is dark – is not the light in our vessels. Are we not the Light of the world and we are to carry salvation to others who have not awakened to the Truth? Please can you clarify Brother. Everything is being shaken to me. God Is. Period. But what I’m reading It Rocks Everything. Please, what I have written is honest and I know you will answer from Truth and your heart.

Peace and Blessings


Dear Beloved One,

Thanks for your heartfelt and sincere questions. The Bible can be a very helpful tool for accepting Atonement or Salvation. The Inspiration you speak of is the Word of God or the Spirit of God and the Word is ever available to the soul that is open and willing and ready. Scripture is intended to offer a way to accept Atonement or complete forgiveness and thus to remember our Eternal Union with God. The Holy Spirit interprets Scripture for this Purpose: Awakening to the Truth. This was expressed in the Gospels as “I and my Father are One” and “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Heaven is the State of our Eternal Union, the Truth of our Being, and the closest approximation of Heaven with regard to earth is Now. This is the Meaning of: “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Heaven is not a place or a location, but Heaven is a State of Mind (Being in Perfect Peace and Happiness). Heaven is Eternal and God’s Word (Spirit) is Eternal and shall never pass away. The cosmos of planets and stars, earth, time, space, etc. are temporal and shall pass away.“Satan” and “hell” and “sin” describe the condition of the belief in separation from God – the so-called “fall” from Grace. God is Love and in Truth Love has no opposite. This was expressed in the Bible as: “Perfect Love casts out fear.” The tree of the knowledge of good and evil in Genesis represents the belief in duality, and taking a bite from this tree is symbolic of attempting the impossible. For God is Pure Love and Oneness and duality is literally impossible. The world perceived through the five senses is a dream that the separation from God actually happened, and the Bible says that Adam fell asleep. At no point in the Bible is it written that Adam (representing human beings) woke up, yet the Gospels clearly reveal that Jesus Awoke to the Truth of Reality: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” and “My Kingdom is not of this world” and “Before Abraham was, I am.” Christ is Mind Awake, the I Am Presence, the Identity Which God creates forever in the Mind of God. Atonement is the Correction to the seeming error of separation from God, and as you have written: “universal Atonement and forgiveness is for everyone.”

The idea of “Jesus returning for his Elect” needs a slight modification to be meaningful. The mind which elected to accept the Correction “returned for Christ Elect” or remembered ItSelf as the Christ, the Eternal Child of God. Jesus demonstrated this decision for everyone, voluntarily electing to accept the Correction and remember Christ’s Origin in God. This decision is truly the only decision that can be shared, for in Truth it is impossible to turn away from or be separate from God. This is why there is no “eternal hell,” for mistaken identity has been Corrected by the Holy Spirit and Awakening is simply a matter of accepting this Atonement. God Wills Spirit in Heaven forever, an so Spirit Is. God does communicate with you through the Holy Spirit according to your understanding. Since you perceive your brothers and sisters in form in your awareness it will be meaningful to say to you that everyone will accept this Correction in due time for it is a decision that is literally impossible to reject. The Love of God is All-inclusive and has nothing to do with the ego concept of rejection. Love is Total Inclusion and error has no meaning to Love. God did not create time, and so Awakening in Christ requires seeing the impossibility of linear time. In the Holy Instant there is no time, for the Present Moment is the Gateway to Eternity.

The Bible says: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” This scripture is with reference to thoughts, and it is thoughts which motivate actions. “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God” refers to purity of thought. “Judge not, lest you be judged” means that the mind can elect a state of forgiveness or non-judgment and reminds that any judgment the mind makes is made on itself. The incentive for freedom and peace of mind is therefore to be without judgment. This is the simple approach to Awakening in Christ. To teach is to demonstrate, so “the Gospel being preached to every nation” is meaningfully Interpreted as demonstrating the Unconditional Love of God to everyone by example in thought, word, action, and attitude. This is also what it means to be the Light of the world. The temporal shall pass away, yet the Eternal shall last forever. This is the meaning of Awakening in Christ. Beloved Child of God, there is another web site that will help deepen your understanding of the ideas I speak about as you allow the Holy Spirit to Interpret the Bible’s Scriptures in the Great Awakening. You will be Guided to many verses of Biblical Scripture and Given the stepping stones to the Kingdom of Heaven within. I will meet You there, for our Identity is the same in Christ and Christ abides in Eternity.

Be blessed with every seeming step you take, for the Holy Spirit’s Guidance is sure. I am with you always, even unto the end of time. Amen.

http://the-christ. net

Forever in Love,


Subject: Coming to True Perception


My question is about a discrepancy between Marianne Williamson’s audio tape on A Course in Miracles and what I have been learning from the Course in Miracles. In my job, occasionally it falls to me to enforce minor laws and morals. It seems the Course in Miracles repeats over and over again that anything that is not eternal is simply not real and if I understand correctly part of a miracle is over looking all errors and allowing the holy spirit to fill your mind with more true perception. In Marianne Williamson’s audio tapes she says that when someone commits a crime that would entail the person going to jail that they would still go to jail, but the miracle she offers is changing the perception of jails being how they are now to seeing them as places of healing and learning. But I have noticed that it takes hundreds of hours of thinking about someone’s crime to enforce even a minor offences. And like the course says u give to your self, what ever u think of another person. Which seems correct to me, I find that when I spend time thinking about what other people may have done wrong I do tend to think that other people are projecting negative ideas on to me. So my question of which is the correct way to perceive might be for Marianne Williamson since I am quoting from her tapes. If u know a way to get this email to her that might be good or if u feel like you could help with this question u are welcome too.



Beloved One,

Thanks for writing. Forgiveness is always a gift to our Self because it releases the make-believe self/world/cosmos of the ego and opens the way to remembrance of Self and God. As a brother or sister is recognized beyond the body, their Innocence as a Divine Creation is recognized. You have written that the “miracle is over looking all errors…” and this is so. With the Help of the Holy Spirit it is possible to look beyond error to the Light of the Atonement, Which is forever Innocent and Sinless. Pardon is always justified because the misperceptions of the ego are not real. The Golden Rule asks you to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. See no body as guilty and you see no body to blame. The Innocence of the Spirit is apparent when one realizes that attack is impossible. A unified mind cannot attack or be attacked. And without the belief in attack guilt has no basis. The Holy Spirit gently leads to a unified mind and a unified perception that is the forgiven world. When forgiveness has been accepted, the illusion of guilt has vanished from awareness. It is possible to perceive any seeming situation as extending Love or Calling for Love. Let the Holy Spirit show you by aligning your mind with this Guidance. Healing is unlearning the ego and thus releasing every scrap of ego belief, thought, emotion, and perception. If you are willing the way will open, for nothing can obscure the Innocence the Holy Spirit would have you behold.

Subject: Crossing the Barrier to Peace


Blessed Brother David,

I just finished reading several of the archived messages. What a blessing from Spirit. I wrote you last year when I was out of work and concerned for my family. My wife and I had sent in the rent check trusting that Holy Spirit would provide, although I didn’t mention that particular. Someone who reads these messages was led to offer assistance and I found employment shortly thereafter. A few month ago I was laid off yet again and we have felt the strain. One of the sisters wrote you expressing a feeling of which I can relate. That is in my attempts at giving this over to Spirit I find myself struggling in part because I not only don’t know what to do, I don’t know exactly what or how to pray about in the situation. I can’t seem to find a position that I can have a peace with. I can’t pray for a place where I “fit in,” because I know that this is not my home and this world is an illusion. I can’t really ask for satisfying employment because I in awakening I find that nothing here can satisfy. Still, I wish to be useful and of course there is the appearance of having a wife, three teens, two dogs, a cat, a car payment, the apparent “need” to eat, etc… I do understand that we cannot “ask the impossible,” which of course means that we all go together or not at all and I do feel compassion for our brothers and sisters, but I do so long for peace. I want to go home. I don’t think I’ve ever really felt at home here in this illusionary world. I have always felt out of place somehow. I have also felt like I was failing in life, unworthy and undeserving, cursed even, comparatively. A few years ago my second wife left me when my three children from my first failed marriage came to live with us. I was devastated. I longed for physical death. Anything to ease what was really the culmination of a lifetime of misery. My physical father was a gay man wit an alcohol problem who left when I was six. My bodily mother was and is paranoid/schizophrenic and I was the oldest of two boys so I received the brunt of …. I was molested by my Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher when I was twelve and thirteen. This was a man I had trusted and looked up to. I repressed the memory for nearly twenty years. And on and on. This dream has seemed like a nightmare at times for me. Oh and my physical brother seemed to be blessed in every way, not just spared somehow, but just unbelievably blessed. I realize this is all illusion now and forgive me for going on. I am blessed having gone through the night. You and this group are a miracle to me. My beloved wife, Janie is a miracle. I’ve had this block to my experience of peace regarding the appearance of lack. So I’ve been trying to give it over to Spirit and I remembered the story of the children of Israel apparently being trapped before an impassible barrier at the Red Sea and how it took a miracle for them to cross over so they could continue their journey. I’ve been hoping to find the right job and experience prosperity and peace; to get un-stuck so I could move on in my journey. Last night I couldn’t sleep. As I lay there the Holy Spirit revealed something to me. He showed me that the real barrier to the awareness of Love’s Presence for me was my unforgiveness of all the shadow figures in my life, my seeming abuser’s and abandoners, myself for “failing” and for blaming God. I know I can’t forgive this by myself. I need help to cross this block to peace. I thank Holy Spirit. Although I still feel some inner conflict I know that the source of my guilt/ fear/ pain is within and therefore so is my salvation. I feel as if I am standing on the edge of a cliff and I need Holy Spirit’s help to take the next step. I would appreciate your prayers and guidance. Also for my wife who desperately needs an operation which we can’t afford and my three beautiful children who have been through there own ringer. Thank you my brother. I am not afraid. Peace and Love


Dear Beloved One,

Thanks for pouring your heart out and being open and willing for Guidance about prayer. You and Janie and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Now for some Guidance about prayer. Prayer is desire. A heart which knows no desire has cleared the Altar of mind and desires that there be no idols before God. Desirelessness is Completion, and God created Christ Whole and Complete. Desirelessness means that there is nothing to add or wish or want beyond the Perfection that God Gives Eternally. Single or unified desire is Creation, and this is the meaning of “Let Thine Eye be Single.” As the Altar of mind is made clean, freed from the desire for the impossible, the Memory of God will return to awareness. Release the past, for it is gone. No longer seek to repeat what is already over and gone. Prayer for specifics asks that the past be repeated in some form the mind believes is desirable. Desirelessness is of the Present Moment, this Holy Instant. Be Content with What is forever Real and True. God Gives only Love.

Love and Blessings forever and ever,


Subject: David, Is It Real?


David, forgiveness offers me everything that I want. These thoughts came today. It is real that forgiving the world is forgiving myself? forgiving my own making? So as I forgive the world I am forgiving myself? Is it real that I can look at everything in this world, with no judgment or attachment, knowing that everything that exists is love? So I can be happy, in peace and certain? Is it really that God has chosen us, to share his vision, heal ourselves, heal brothers, bringing his light. Being at one with Him and with our brothers? Are our brothers ourselves? Is it real that this is our journey back home, his plan, my path of salvation, a journey back home to Heaven? Is it real that just my willingness for truth and faith replaces all errors in my mind? That holy spirit guides us, and that there is no effort or doing from our part? Was this experience somewhat similar with you? Would love to hear some depth in this regard from you.



Beloved One of God,

Yes my dear brother in Christ, forgiveness offers everything that you want! As you forgive the ego self that could never be, you have also forgiven the world. God did not create the world and so it must be forgiven or overlooked, so that the Spirit Which God creates can be recognized and experienced. As you forgive you can look at everything in this world, with no judgment or attachment, knowing that everything that exists is love. In this you can be happy, in peace, and certain. As you forgive you understand that God has chosen you to share His Vision and Be a bringer of Light, Being at One with Him and with our brothers. As you forgive you see that everyone shares the same Self, One Mind. As you forgive you see that this is our journey back Home, His Plan, our path of Salvation, a journey without distance back Home to Heaven, our Eternal Love in God. It is true that just a little willingness for truth and faith replaces all errors in the mind. The Holy Spirit Guides with certainty and gentleness and you need but be willing to move in the direction of truth. Yes, this is my experience, and I share it fully with you in the Holy Spirit. No one can fail who seeks to know the truth of this experience. You can feel the Guidance carrying you along to a certain inward Destination. Every seeming step will grow in confidence, for one is never alone on this journey. God is inevitable, and nothing can come to keep the mind from the Great Awakening! Let go, surrender, and enjoy the miracles. Thanks for Answering the Call with a resounding Yes! I look forward to seeing you very soon. Those that have heard the Call and Answered are showing up. They are gathering for the final turns of the seeming script and the way is short now. We have come together to rejoice in God’s Love and Oneness, and in our Own Oneness in God. God and Christ share the same Will for Perfect happiness. The time of Heaven is at hand and the celebration is on.

Love, love, love,


Subject: The Desire for Union Is the Call to Remember God


Hello David,

I thank our Father for this web site. I enjoy all the questions as well as the light that is seen in the response. The question on my heart is this: I see that the ‘ego’ brings forth these illusions that think to be a separate thing from One, having a power of itself. When the truth of love is seen fully though, is there such a thing as marriage? A part of me still desires this ‘union’ lol, but I guess what I am saying is doesn’t He place that desire within, but we just see it amiss in separation? And what does this look like in Spirit and in truth? I am not a student of ACIM, but the eyes have been opened to see what is being said. The things that I have seen, I do agree with, and yet still am not drawn to take the ‘course’ as of this ‘time’. But I see that as irrelevant and I am sure u do also 🙂

Would appreciate ur sight on this, thanks


Beloved One,

Thanks for your heart felt e-mail. Yes, the desire for union is seen amiss in a world based on separation. In Truth marriage has no form, for marriage is Content in Spirit and in Truth. Marriage is a word that symbolizes the desire for union, and as you approach the Kingdom of Heaven within it becomes apparent that Union is fully and truly experienced as Oneness with God. To know Christ is to know that the Father and I are One. This is the Union of Divine Mind. In this world marriage can be a step toward this Union if the relationship is given to the Holy Spirit to direct. Marriage as the union of partners is an initial commitment that is meant to lead toward the commitment to accept Atonement, to accept the Correction to the belief in separation. Purpose is always the key: Who is my Guide, remembering that it is impossible to serve two masters? The Holy Spirit uses relationship to heal and bless. The ego uses relationship to make a false idol and to perpetuate itself. In Salvation or Enlightenment the experience is Total Oneness. It is not really that two become One, but rather that Union is the Being of Oneness God creates Eternally. God placed the desire to Awaken on your heart, and this is the Call to remember God. The Holy Spirit is this Call and thus the Holy Spirit is your desire for Union. The Union cannot be experienced in duality, and that is why I am Calling you out of the world – for this is a world of duality. The Union of God and Christ is reflected in the forgiven world, and this is the Atonement. One outgrows the concept of partnership with a body or soul as one fully accepts and realizes our Divine Union with God. Until the moment of Self-realization there will seem to be the concept of partnership which can be used for a “time,” under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, to lead beyond the belief in time. Happy marriage Beloved Child of God! Follow as the Holy Spirit directs and let every encounter be a holy encounter.

I love You forever and ever!


Subject: Desire Is the Key


David, I have been reading the transcripts from the Argentina gatherings. In one of them you mention your reading ACIM eight hours a day. When you read them so voraciously, were you also absorbing what you read?

I also seem to have been searching since I was a child, feeling as if nothing makes sense here, as if I had mistakenly landed on the wrong planet. Neither could I find my “niche” for no role seemed to have eternal validity on which to base its realness. However, when I am reading ACIM, I sometimes glimpse the truth in it, only to find that it seems as if I can’t even remember its content when I read it over again, as if I had absorbed nothing. I just keep reading and doing the workbook, hoping I am connecting on some level. I have got more from your talks in Argentina than I get out of ACIM; however, up to this point the bulk of my unlearning has come from listening to Resta’s music nonstop, over and over again. At this rate, she will have to sing the whole ACIM course for me to get understanding and unlearning. Help!


Beloved One,

By the time I came across ACIM in 1986 I was already immersed in the Spirit and saw ACIM as the answer to a prayer. I resonated with most everything I read in ACIM at that time. When the mind sees the value of what is offered distractions and investments in concepts of the world fall away quickly. It is really a matter of willingness and desire, for as Jesus says: “No amount of evidence will convince you of what you do not want.” I saw ACIM as my escape from fear, and poured my heart and soul into it. It was more important to me than money, family, friends, … even breathing. It is also very simple. That is why I understood what the Course was pointing to – the Present Moment. Only Now is understandable. Be gentle with yourself and fan the flames of your passion to know God and Self. Music will be a big part of your path! Bask in it. Thanks for writing and sharing what is on your heart.

Love Sweet Love,



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