On Inspiration

I Have a Choice!Inspiration has always been a mystery to me, well that was until recently! I had often heard people talk about how they were inspired to do this, that, and the other thing, and when I questioned them about it they said, “Well, it’s just sort of a feeling.” So after questions and answers like that, I was still clueless as to whether or not I was being inspired to do things, or I was just doing them because Spirit’s Voice was suggesting that it was the best course of action for that time.

Now this was all well and good, as I just trusted the voice, and went with it knowing that if I did, the end result always ended up with me having a flowing, peaceful time. However I still noticed my frustration in being around people who are all bubbly with inspiration. I could still feel myself asking the same old question, “What are they feeling and how do I get me some?”

Questions like that ended a while ago when I felt an overwhelming feeling of inspiration to go and do something. Wow, what a feeling it was. It was more like a feeling of, if I didn’t do it I would explode. This feeling just had to be extended into what I was doing. It had to be extended and shared in the world, and that’s when I realized what inspiration was for me. And yes, I had felt it before (albeit, never as strong).

Over the next few days with this continuing feeling, I started to become very clear on how this was working for me. The times when I had felt it before were when I was sharing with others about my experiences or latest insights. In fact, actually joining with them long before I knew what “joining” was. I was connecting with others on a level beyond the proximity of the bodies and extending and sharing in new ideas. I now realize that inspiration and the feelings around anything for me are in joining with Spirit. The only criteria seem to be that I am joining with Spirit, or through Spirit’s symbols of my brothers and sisters, when I am doing it.

Inspiration is an experience, a feeling, either powerful or gentle, it is a knowing that I am walking and trusting in Spirit in all that I do and say. Additionally, I have noticed that, at the moment for me, when Spirit is literally doing things through me, the feeling is very strong, irresistible, and involuntary. When that happens I am in a total feeling of exhilaration and peace, Love, and joy. If this is the start of the happy dream as Jesus describes it in the Course, then I am in, and Spirit can just hold me and decide for me in each and every moment.

Now when people ask me what inspiration is, I will be telling them that it is an experience that, once felt, will ensure you walk with Spirit from that time on.