New Awakening Mind Website Launched!

Beloved One,

I am delighted to share with you that the Awakening Mind website has been updated and refreshed, with love!

It has been a joy to collaborate with Thomas on this project – from the moment it was a ‘go’ it has flowed to us and through us in an experience that has been pure delight! Thomas set up the Foundation for the Awakening Mind back in 1999 and he designed the original website, through which many of us first came in contact with David and his teachings.

We hope you enjoy the new site half as much as we have enjoyed updating it and adding fresh new resources and inspirations. It feels like we have only just begun… there is room for all kinds of new content, and there is still more to bring over from the original site. As well as being a platform for the universal message of the Spirit to keep pouring through, it is a platform for the Awakening Mind community to share what is happening locally on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Thank you Holy Spirit, the purpose behind this collaboration has been very deep. Holy, in fact. It is truly an honor. Thank you David for being the consistent symbol of Love and Inspiration in our hearts and minds. Thank you Holy Spirit for flowing through us with such joy!  Thank you everyone involved with all of the writings, audios, videos, background tech that no-one else is aware of etc etc –  you know Who you are!! 😉

With Love, Love and more Love,
Kirsten 🌹