Movie Retreat Wrap-Up

The weekend movie retreat was amazing. It began spontaneously on Thursday night with a showing of Iron Man 3. This film is all about shedding the familiar skin and letting it all go. It’s time to get back to the original inspiration, and all things are not what they seem in our villain.  The big bad guy in the movie is a decoy or a deception in our mind.

This launched us into the retreat with Rochelle and Peter who came all the way from Australia to join in the awakening movie retreat. Just hours before the retreat it was guided that we enter into a two hour silent period, which felt so good to have the time to go inward before our scheduled opening movie Ruby Sparks. This film is about the characters that are created by the ego and how we don’t really have control over other people even though it may seem like it. All things are working towards the Healing. We stayed up late, diving into and exposing thoughts and feelings that were flushed up from this movie’s reflection of our desire to control the people around us.

Saturday was the true marathon with four movies! We watched Angel A, a French film, which showed us that if we feel worthless or seem to be a savior these are still concepts we hold onto that need to be exposed and cleared for the True healing to occur.

Then it was The Perks of Being a Wallflower. A brilliantly scripted film that shows how love and opening oneself up to gentleness will facilitate a very deep healing. I’ve seen most of these films before, but this one in particular really felt amazing to watch. I could feel the pain and the desire to be close, and really feeling like an outsider in a crowd of outsiders. Under all this I mostly felt the innocence and love. Tears leaked from my eyes the entire time, feeling my own innocence.

The third film of the day was a shortened version of I Am David. For me this was all about the innocence and how we misinterpret the symbols around us; we can’t tell if they are helpful or not. This film and the talk afterwords sent me into,  what I can only call, a mystical experience. The intensity of love flowed through me. My Mind felt clear and filled with loving bliss. I don’t know how to describe it any other way, and I felt so open to Christ’s Love represented by the brothers around me. If that was a glimpse into the Truth and Light, I feel grateful for the experience.

The fourth film on Saturday was Argo. This film is about going in, with clarity and a plan, to pierce the darkness to bring our friends back home; back home to God. Argo is a clear demonstration of the plan to wake up, and everyone needs to play their part to keep the team together, to uncover the blocks. There is no other way, but there is a way if we join together and stay linked into Holy Spirit’s guidance. If we stay linked and everyone does their part, we’ll still need to be attentive, but we will get out together.

We mixed it up on Sunday with an edited down version of Shrek 4, an improv class, and a surprise movie called Today’s Special. Shrek 4 had the whole story of the tiny mad idea, the belief in that mad idea, and the return to Love. Then there was the improv class which took us into the depths of the mind. We thought we were in a journey already, and this just showed us how deeply we were connected, with Thomas leading us from play to expression with Spirit guiding and flowing us through the process. Thomas later shared that each scene is usually its own healing, but this time each one took us deeper and deeper into the one Mind for a big healing. The decision for the final film of the weekend was given to Spirit to show us in the moment from what unfolded throughout the weekend. So we went right into the film Today’s Special. This a lovely story about a guy going about his life mixing up his path by compromising his passion in the dream. With the willingness to follow prompts and go about things ‘differently’ there is no struggle. In turn this leaves room for connection with the father figure, inspiration, feeling into True inspiration, and Love. Once he’s able to get in touch with his desire to be creative, everything falls into place.

To sum up the weekend, the Spirit will use whatever dream state we are in while leading us to the light. Each movie had an underlining theme of the main character always being cared for and loved even when it seems to be a grave situation or one might be judging oneself as unlovable. We are innocent of the crimes we think we’ve committed against Source, our Father, God. We are innocent, and the drudge, the things we’re most afraid to show others, must be brought to the surface for the healing, remembering our innocence. Life is trying to break through to remind us of this undisputed Truth. We can fully Trust we are on the Path to Freedom. It is our inheritance to return Home.

In love,
Michael Salita