Let Your Self Drop

Let Your Self DropI have been at the Extension Center in Hawaii for less than 24 hours and I am floating in the Ocean of mind, where my heart continues to soften and open to itself and Spirit, and to everyone around me. I was picked up at the airport and I immediately felt the quiet intimacy that is shared here at the Center. My new friend Jutta and my brother Andy brought me back to the Center where we joined for a short time sharing miracles at the airport before heading to bed for the night.

We met at 7:30 in the morning for an expression session, which is refreshing and different from most schedules in the community. I figured that I would share about the fear that came up a few hours earlier when I woke up from a restful sleep. I listened to my brothers share what seemed to be very relevant to what was in my mind, and felt quite quickly and certainly that we were healing together, and that they were a part of my mind. It was my time to share and I felt it was to be different than how I normally share, and instead I listened to my heart. I was not to share specifically about the fears that came up just a short while before, but to continue with a tuning in to my heart, to something that is much bigger than a tiny speck of a story – a personal worldly concern. The more I pay attention to this deeper aspect of mind, the more involuntary the healing process is. I recognized the value of my brother. I listened to the desire of my heart. Here I am with just a few friends on an island in the middle of a huge ocean. What happened next was very spontaneous; I dropped into a wave of emotions that carried me through an incredible mystical experience where crying and laughing through the heart was as natural as breathing. I kept experiencing the elongated room as a river of energy that I allowed myself to trust and drop INTO over and over again. I laughed at how playful it seemed to be, yet so huge at the same time. Specific who, what, and where’s were completely absent. There wasn’t even an upset, nor was there any fear. More and more, I seem to be having the recognition that healing is to drop into the movement and the current that is carrying us all. It’s a delightful experience, regardless of the sounds that come from the mouth or the tears from the eyes. There is no pain in healing. It’s a wrong perspective. The river of Spirit will take us through the experience. It’s a trust and it’s devotion, it’s realizing that I don’t have control over my awakening.

From 7:30am, all the way until 1pm, I stayed in the same spot on the couch feeling the waves of energy, the gentle healer, laughing and crying and crying and laughing, unwilling to compromise the heart’s desire to heal and to heal NOW. This repeated itself over and over again for hours with long moments of deep rest between the rush of the healing currents. My mind called to my brothers to share in the healing; to hold my hand, to come and embrace each other in the One flowing Divine River, and to share in the vibration of deep healing. This we shared together, new and old friends alike; an experience that has nothing to do with this world and everything to do with healing and to waking up from the dream of separation. And so it’s time to change the way healing looks and give it over to the One who knows.

I am eternally grateful to that which cannot be seen but only felt.

I love you Andy, Jutta, Gavin, Colin, Armelle, and Jackie!

~ Greg