JP’s Music

Many times I’ve asked if we have some music from JP to listen to. A reply to my prayer came through when JP offered an intimate musical evening at the Extension Center.

I felt and I still feel in Love with the gift, which was shared with us that night.

I was overwhelmed by the music and the sounds. My body would not hold still. I had to move. I observed my hands, my head, and my shoulders follow and be followed by the rhythm given by the  Holy Spirit. I observed the Present moment, and what I observed was not me. I was searching for myself in all those sounds, and I just found a profound Stillness in the movement. I have been transformed by the sounds just as I am flowing through with the Love of the Holy Spirit.

As I went through the experience, I felt to let my heart open to the sounds of Love. I felt in Love with the Present moment over and over again….

I still have all these sensations from the evening. I would say that this evening has no end…..the music has guided me to something, somewhere, someone. I don’t know what  it is exactly, but it maybe the Eternal. I would say that to be in contact with “that” is so BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you!

I love You,

P.S. Visit to listen to JP’s music.