Into the Mystic Retreat

I’m continually amazed at how much I love silence. It feels like the warm sun on the my skin. For the retreat we were in silence for 36 hours. The weekend started out with a reading from the Course, and JP let Spirit flow through him on the keyboard. Jason spoke about how going ‘into the mystic’ is actually becoming aware of our worthiness, and that the two are the same. Feeling our true worthiness IS going ‘into the mystic’. He shared how thoughts about making sure someone is alright or included are actually not helpful because there is no one outside of ourselves to help. The thought that there is someone ‘out there’ who needs to be considered can actually keep us from knowing our worthiness.

There’s not a whole lot to say about what we did during the quiet because it was an inward journey. We had expression sessions to allow what was coming up to be released. This was helpful in freeing the mind of anything we were holding onto. Also, I offered a silent walk around the neighborhood for the people on retreat. I invited them to ask Spirit for Guidance. It was about a constant ‘checking in’ and asking to be shown which direction to take. It was a practice in following.

Jason had a whoosh of inspiration to show a freshly edited version of the movie, The Green Lantern, that he had just been working on. The movie was wonderfully peppered with David Hoffmeister clips and quotes from the Course. The whole mini-movie was about transforming our fear into strength, by trusting the Gifts that have been given. It was a lovely reminder of the strength our not compromising or playing small holds for us, and that this really is the path into the mystic.

The desire to be in silence for longer periods of time and more often was strong in my thoughts. This weekend gave me the space to notice the responsibility I feel around the center here. I was able to glimpse thoughts of trying to make sure the new person was comfortable and included. Even in the silence I felt personally responsible for how the weekend was going, and for making sure there was enough structure. Then I’d remember my function was to be in the inspiration and rediscover the worthiness that is mine. Throughout the weekend I was constantly being reminded to recognize my own worthiness and its direct link to going into the mystic. The silence gave me the space to hear the subtle call Home, and I could feel desires, prayers and inspiration flowing through me in an easeful way. This world feels backwards most times, and it can be confusing to adjust to this high call of being in Truth. The call of the Spirit is often subtle. I can honestly say I feel it, but it seems to get lost when I’m not paying attention. Stillness is the practice. “Silence is the remembering gift.”

In love,
Michael Salita