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Awakening Mind Devotional Retreats and Stays

Dear Friends, Our Awakening Mind community is extending the vibrant song of Awakening and for many years we have welcomed devoted ones to come and immerse with us in the practical application of forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles. Our focus is the experience rather than the conceptual understanding of the Course principles.

A New Direction for Devotional Retreats

Devotional Retreat ACIM Mallorca There is a deep recognition of the benefit of bringing illusions to truth in the context of living together for a sustained period of time. Coming for a devotional stay is an opportunity to live with those who have committed their lives completely to one purpose and are demonstrations of the miracle of forgiveness.

The opportunity to come together for this deep experience is a gift from the Spirit for those who feel a burning in their heart for authentic healing. We hold our time together as nothing less than sacred.

To come for a devotional stay fill out an application here. Locations currently offered are: Utah, Mexico, and Spain, and length of stay can vary from two weeks onwards.

What is the Resurrection?
It is the invitation to God to take His final step. It is the relinquishment of all other purposes, all other interests, all other wishes and all other concerns. It is the single desire of the Son for the Father. A Course in Miracles, M-28:1

For more information about our devotional retreats and for those currently scheduled, visit acim-conference.net.

Our Shared Purpose

ACIM Joining in communityThose coming for devotional stays are joining in our shared purpose with those who are dedicating their lives to mind training as a means of being in prayer and listening to the Spirit’s Guidance. We live a quiet, monastic lifestyle with a devotion to the Holy Spirit. We are living in the miracle together with mighty companions, and it takes great willingness to trust and follow. Positions and areas are given on the basis of what is most helpful for the whole. Skills that have been learned in the past are now being used in service. Our goal is to heal our own minds and transcend the dream of time and space (ego). This literally means the undoing of the perceptual world of attachments and beliefs in the mind.


There is a lot of open communication within the community. We expose hidden thoughts in the mind that block the awareness of Love’s presence. Our goal is Love, and our highest priority is the shared universal experience. Keeping our minds clean through forgiveness allows the Holy Spirit to use us to be in our function with God, which truly is joy. Our environment is much like that of Franciscan monks.

A Day at the Center

We devote our time to a variety of projects as a backdrop for healing our minds together. We spontaneously meet each other for meals or discussion about projects, and we usually have movies, music, or meditation in the evenings and enjoy time just being together! Our days are very full. We are highly focused, and it is our joy to stay in purpose! Our devotion and commitment are the key elements to the community. Everyone that comes here has a vital role for the whole. We are so grateful!

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