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Peace House

The Peace House is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been a base for David and Awakening Mind teachers since 1996. It became a place of quiet and meditation between travels, but also a place where David could welcome those desiring to step back from the world and to go deeply within the mind to discover the Christ within. David’s move to the Peace House opened a new phase of his ministry as the Holy Spirit guided him to acquire computers and use the internet. The result was the creation of a number of websites, including awakening-mind.org. While this computer ministry was unfolding, a friend was inspired to help David establish the non-profit organization, the Foundation for the Awakening Mind.

Peace House Ohio

The following is an excerpt from an online question and answer forum by David Hoffmeister regarding the Peace House as a symbol of devotion:

“The Peace House is a symbol that represents a light, happy, and very reverent state of mind. It is not special or sacred in and of itself, for nothing exists apart from God as a separate entity in and of itself. Yet in serving the Holy Spirit’s purpose, everyone is welcome and greeted very warmly. All are included in the Spirit’s purpose. All are reminded of who they are. The presence of God is always very apparent to a mind that is willing to receive that which God has given forever. Teaching aids appear in many forms, and words, music, books, tapes, videos, pamphlets, web pages, etc. serve the plan under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. The world is filled with parables of hope, and this describes the Peace House. All is offered freely, for there is no cost to anyone. Only gain, using the ‘process’ metaphor, is possible. The desire of the heart is all that is really required.”

Spiritual Community – Silent Communion

In spiritual community the communion of silence dawns as mind awake. Love has no opposite. There is no choice in being. Mind reaches to itself, it does not go out. Within itself it has everything. Mind is whole, singular, unified, one. The horizontal “personal perspective” dissolves in the vertical as darkness vanishes in the light. God is the only Cause, and nothing exists outside the Mind of God. The world is causeless and therefore without real effects.

There is no “brother,” be it “self” or “other,” “attempting” or “trying to reach” or “striving” in silent communion, for all is one and recognizes its oneness. There is no “enlightened person,” for the construct of “person” is impossible. There is no “holy relationship” or “communication” between persons, for there is only one mind which knows no “betweenness.” Union is not the illusion of “two-getherness,” for union is wholly of and in the one divine mind. Father and Son, Creator and creation are the only real Relationship. What is the same cannot be different, and what is one cannot have separate parts. Communion is the deepest experience of awe and gratitude and the Vision of Christ which lifts and replaces the veil of perception forever. An experience that ends all doubting is the experience of silent communion.

When symbols merge and have no distinctiveness the time for words is almost over. Words are but symbols of symbols, twice removed from reality. They were made as labels for attack thoughts or illusory fragments. As the impossibility of fragmentation dawns, the Name of God safely replaces all symbols. Oneness is supreme happiness, and as silent communion deepens, there is no need for words or labels.

Truth Is True

There is no problem to be solved in the acceptance of atonement, for the truth is true and nothing else is true! I thank God! There is nothing to fear in seeing the world as meaningless, for from His Perspective it is realized that you are the Meaning. Who you are is the only Meaning! There is no meaning outside of one Self, for there is nothing outside of you. Such is the truth! There is an experience that brings an end to all uncertainty and an end to all questions. The experience of Love is divinely inspired and changelessly eternal. Love does not come and go or rise and set like the sun, nor does it shine brightly only to fade and disappear for a time. Love is not personal or specific. It is impossible to love something specific, for Love is whole and knows no parts. Love is without an opposite, being everything God creates forever. Divine mind is God, is Love, is you, is all. Accept now the eternal Love of God. What else could be more worthy of your acceptance? There is nothing to seek and nothing to find, only everything to accept right now. I am Love. Such is the Truth. ~ David Hoffmeister

The Truth Is True and Only the Truth Is True

Beloved One,

The truth is true and only the truth is true. This profoundly simple statement, when applied directly to every seeming problem of this world, has the power to bring the mind out of confusion and fear and back into the simplicity and safety of the present moment in an instant. What is the truth? When Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, the Holy Spirit was speaking. The truth is an experience that God Is, it is a state of mind far beyond form. Words can be reflective of it and can point towards it but the truth can only be known as an actual experience… more

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