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Hawaii Update September 2013

Transition at the Extension Center

Hi Everyone 

Well it has been quite a few months here at the extension center. There have been a lot of shifts and it is becoming apparent that the Holy Spirit has had multiple uses for this property.  It has served as a baby for Michael Salita and I to nurture while he left his life at Kalani. It helped me grow and face any unresolved thoughts around speaking up and leadership. It served as a wonderful space to look at specialness and protectionism. I would say that in general Hawaii has been a hotspot for undoing specialness and protectionism. It has been a place that allowed relationships to unfold and be seen for what they truly are: sometimes a haven for guilt and fantasy, and of course, eventually (under the Holy Spirit’s care), a place to have gratitude for each other. They are for seeing what is truly valuable, peace of mind. Nothing compares to this. No relationship in this world can substitute for peace of mind. They try but fail vainly.

Protectionism too has surfaced over and over again. It looked like protecting individuality by (at first) not wanting to intrude on another’s ‘right to choose’. This of course led to disaster in a community that is learning to listen to one voice. The disaster was never too dramatic in form but at this level of mind training, it was disastrous in terms of state of mind. It has been a constant vigil to win the truth back that there really is no one out there. Nothing can cause me anything and ‘i’ can cause nothing. The small self is causeless because it has no source. Only the experience of Self is left. This has been won by much vigilance to listening and following and being willing to share whatever comes to mind. Now we are in a position that the center will serve for others in the community to take their steps back into full Purpose. The Holy Spirit leaves no one behind and if you have a call to be here, you cannot ignore it. It is not your choice, it is given, and the Holy Spirit will give the means to fulfil your call. So this will now be a community without walls where those living here can practice following their own guidance to eventually see that there truly is no personal guidance. It is all the same. It has always been the same. It has always served the whole. Either healing will flourish, and the center will reflect that (i.e. flow of resources, service, and general feel) or it will not and the Holy Spirit will cut away the branch that bears no fruit. All of our properties are up for sale and we shall see in the coming months which ones are sustained by the love of God.

The center has served gloriously to join in physical projects and to house a deep letting go of major blocks in the mind. Resistance has been high at many moments on this project; not typical resistance in terms of overt rebelliousness but a resistance that can disguised as apathy or confusion and weakness. Those can be trickier to identify and deal with because they are subtler. But this is no problem to the Holy Spirit. He has brought the right combination together with a tremendous amount of support from David, Armelle, Kirsten, JP and myself to push the mind through the blocks. I feel so grateful. I am excited to be part of the next phase as it goes from a mind training center to a Community without walls. There will be a mixture of structure and stewardship flowing on the property to give those here a chance to flourish. I am   We shall see what unfolds!


Hawaii: The Island Within

Let’s talk about undoing, for that is the thread that ties together the range of experiences I have had in Hawaii over these many months. Specialness of place, specialness in relationship, attachments to form and outcome, preferences, the concept of family, the concept of marriage, the concept of Robert, elastic time, no time, relentless change, structure, no structure; yes, it has all come up to be looked at, and is still coming up.

So the real question is, how do I feel Now? A line from the epilogue to the Course comes to mind: “Forget not once this journey is begun the end is certain.” I can’t say it is always front and center in my awareness, but the feeling of connection, of expansion, and of being carried, are there in a way that is new for me. I feel the quickening, and it feels great, even when my small self recoils from the pace. Many days are pure bliss; others feel like an emotional hangover. But they pass, and often I don’t really know what has shifted, or what has dissolved, only that it is gone from my awareness. Spirit is doing it, asking only my willingness. The end is certain; there is no turning back.

What else am I feeling? Trust. Trust in my Brothers and in Spirit. Seeing and feeling the reflections coming in with more clarity and certainty. Allowing Spirit to flow through. Feeling those waves of Love wash over me. Just letting go and letting the Miracle unfold.

A trust lesson that has stayed with me from the day I first read it is: I am sustained by the Love of God. The more I deepen into that truth the more it expands before me, unlocking all the hesitant places within. Put all your faith in the Love of God within you, eternal, changeless, and forever unfailing. 

I’m continually amazed at how few characters are appearing on the screen, yet in just the right constellation for my healing. The divine orchestration and the sprinkling of miracles in each day and in each holy encounter are so comforting, so reassuring. To completely forgive one Brother is to forgive every Brother — how simple is salvation!

The meditations, the videos, the audio recordings, the expressions, the gatherings, and the practice of mindfulness in each moment has saturated my mind like a tropical rainstorm. Sparkling, clear waters cover the island within, flowing freely and without effort to all the places needing nourishment and rejuvenation. It is given. Peace, stillness, joy, and a calmness of Spirit envelop the island like a soft trade wind. “The Son is still, and in the quiet God has given him enters his home and is at peace at last.”

Love and Blessings,

Extension Center Events

Resting in the Womb of Silence
Sep 23 – Oct 01

A 9-Day Intimate Devotional
Come discover the True desire of your Heart in Hawaii. Sink in the stillness for nine days of deep joinings and sharings, daily sessions with Armelle, meditation, music, movie, inner dance, creative expression. Tap into your Inspiration! Life changing experience!

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Hawaiian ACIM Community Night
Every Monday Night

Come and join in the Softness of the Spirit. Sink in the Stillness and in a timeless experience as we live in the spontaneity and freshness of the Present Moment. A life changing experience!

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Global Coming Events

There are gatherings and retreats happening all over the globe this season. Have a look at our coming events to join with us.

Join Us and Go Deeper

Devotional Retreats
Service, devotion, and reverence; the focus of our community.

Our centers are for those who desire to be in service and experience the gifts of prayer and devotion to the Spirit. Our focus on service is a way for the ego thought system to be undone, by reversing the habit of the mind from getting to giving. Our centers offer a space for deepening in devotion. They provide a safe environment to look fearlessly at the ego and come into the experience of living the practical application of our teachings. The sole purpose of coming together in community is the realization of our True Nature. There are opportunities to collaborate in a variety of projects.

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