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Hawaii Update November 2013

Beyond Right and Wrong

We watched a movie the other day for our one day movie gathering called Tron. It was actually a mini movie that I made that really focused on the theme of taking back full responsibility of our state of mind. Laverne had shared that morning that she had seen thoughts around authority figures. Whenever David or I or Armelle walked into the room she could see her head twist and her tongue would get tied up and even the ability to hear guidance would disappear. It was debilitating and I said, ʻI know!ʼ I have had that over the years with David and I think everyone who walks this earth has had that with different characters. It can be parents when we are younger, or cops if you are trying to be a rebel, or especially the government if you really donʼt want to face it. The government is a great target because they are ubiquitous, ephemeral and faceless. What I mean by that is that they are everywhere, you canʼt really touch them and you canʼt put a face to them. Some try and use Obama (or another president) but I think you get what I mean. It is a great way to be a victim.

Or of course there is the infamous ʻtheyʼ. I grew up with conspiracy theories up the yin yang. Eventually my friends would start asking me, “Who is this ʻtheyʼ you keep talking about ?” It hit me actually that, yeah, who is this ʻtheyʼ – really? Well I went on a full search to find this ʻtheyʼ; the cause of all my problems (or the worldʼs problems), and then it finally hit me… I was the cause of all my problems… But that did not go over so well either because then I was always blaming myself. From the healed perspective it is helpful to see it as more accurately letting all the wrongness up. But, wow, that is intense. So then I saw that it was the little i. The little i is the victim, the one that wants to put the hierarchy out there, the one that wants to blame someone or something, the one that wants to get it right. Of course if you want to get it right, then you have to have characters that tell you, you can get it wrong, just so the dream of duality is kept going. Then all your brothers and sisters play this game for you of telling you that you are right or you are wrong. Which role are you going to cast them in? The ones that are sent as angels to help dissolve the self concept are definitely wrong. No matter how much they love us, they are telling us we are wrong, because they are not supporting the little i. Tough game as that is what it feels like. But of course the ones that ʻloveʼ us and tell us all the good things and right things are the good ones. They keep the self concept going…they ʻknowʼ us.

The ego set up the characters to maintain the self concept and the Holy Spirit set up the others. Which ones are we going to listen to? So we did a great movie gathering really looking at the potential that is there to not project this delusion on to the characters. Then we can become Happy Learners. I am. I am grateful for the characters in my life and am looking at having a little more fun with them. Letʼs have some lightness!

Love You!

My Happiness and My Function Are One

It is amazing and scary sometimes when you have these moments in your life when you see glimpse realizations that you don’t truly have control over your life, or how it unfolded in the way that it did. That can be very daunting to think about. It even makes me anxious typing it out in this moment. But what if the actual hell we feel is from the illusory thinking that we’re in control of our lives; and that we know what we are doing and know what needs to be done. That’s a hell of a lot of pressure. But here I am in the back yard of the Extension Center in my tent typing out my feelings, pondering on the thoughts of just how I ended up here. 

It has been just over six weeks now and I feel like I’m settling more and more into what seems to be my path of waking up. I feel like I was very guided to join the devotional “Resting in the Womb of Silence” in mid September at the Extension Center and check out the people that peopled it. I’ve been watching very carefully from behind the “gates” of resistance for about a year now, not sure what it was all about. I’ve watched a friend and co-worker of mine of many years, Michael Salita, take his steps into the Extension Center community about 8 months or so prior to me arriving. Looking back on it now I can tell that it scared me to see him take these steps. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe I knew I was next or the first follower? That this has been my heart’s calling for such a long time? I would have to give up things? Maybe all the above. But during the devotional, I feel, I had a major shift and came out of “the womb” crying my eyes out. I feel so blessed to have had Jason and Armelle guiding me back into clarity during the whole devotional. From then on, the choice, as jolting and as scary as it seemed, was very obvious… join in.

I knew I loved and resonated with David Hoffmeister and friends the first time I listened to his clarity and certainty on a 5 hour compilation DVD my brother bought for me online many years ago. I watched the DVD many times with David speaking at all the different churches, backyards, basements and living rooms sharing the light with just one person up to as many as a whole congregation. His consistent, loving words spoke deeply to my heart. Underneath all the parables and talks he gave a simple message that rang the little bell in my heart. Know Thyself! What am I and what am I doing here? I feel deep inside all of us have these burning questions and a calling from God to wake up and just remember Who We Truly Are.

The Extension Center is a beautiful place to live and grow inward with Companions who share the same devoted purpose and authenticity to dive into the journey of going deeper. It’s a safe place to allow the darkness to come up and out into the light without being judged. I feel so much more love and gratitude building in me for all the people in my life that have been such clear witnesses to Truth. I feel the clearest I’ve ever felt in my life and that it’s not totally due to letting a lot of my distractions go, but in the deeper feeling I’m going in the right direction I’ve always known to go. Home.

The only aspect of Eternity is NOW and I am trying really hard to just stay in it. Now I want to let my regrets of delaying and distracting myself go.

Now I’m seeing all my relationships; the deep, intimate and seemingly not so intimate ones were all beautiful reflective guides helping me to get clear in pointing to the direction of Home. I Bless all of them Now and am watching Spirit wash them clean of my projections and give them back healed and with a new purpose. Now Iʼm seeing the healing beauty of staying in function and that the happiness I feel building in me is from being in that function. My function Now is to remember Who I Am. I get scared but Now I donʼt go alone and am realizing I have never been alone in this. I see Mighty Companions surround me Now as we all hold hands and lift the veil of forgetting together. I see Now I could never lift it on my own. I Love You All Now!

With Infinite Love
Your Eternal Brother,

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