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Hawaii Update February 2014

Update from Armelle

Three weeks in Mexico in a daily “summit” with David and 5 mighties and the world has ended… Every moment was a deep emptying out of absolutely everything! Being left with nothing, and feeling soooo FULL, spontaneous laughter is the natural expression! Constantly overwhelmed by all the Love that is pouring through, This can definitely not be contained!!!!!

I feel like I live the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” with everything being deleted… memories, words, none of it makes sense anymore, and in that, it all makes sense. There really is nothing to figure out, understand or fix. The perfection of Life as it is is so obvious! Seeing that everything is involuntary is the Acceptance of Innocence without an opposite and of the Purity of the Heart! There never is anything personal!

There is nothing to seek for, nothing to search… It’s all Here! Words will still be used but none of them can ever describe what This Is!

Such a deep Gratitude for All that is Given…


Update from Colin

Deep joinings and joyful collaborations are a regular part of life here at the Extension Center. There is such a high level of trust between everyone that is reflected in the willingness to expose all aspects of the false and little self. The ‘high note’ is being held and Spirit’s presence is felt by all. Expressions of intensity, fear and unworthiness may still arise but they soon give way to laughter and an even deeper love and gratitude emerge.

The joy in ‘joy- ning’ is felt in our book project and DVD collaborations. As Jesus reminds us in ACIM, each has an essential part to play in God’s plan for Salvation. As we keep stepping into the function given to us, any remaining fears and doubts simply melt away. ‘My happiness and function are one’ is becoming a real experience. The realisation of the simplicity and immediacy of being happy is dawning on the mind. There is a momentum… let’s call it the Love Train. LOL.

Any expressions that are unlike love are still free to be exposed but their innocence is immediately recognised and they soon fade, disappearing into the vast ever present Love and leaving the mind clear and certain; its natural state.

Our weekly ACIM open nights and the guests who attend are also beautiful witnesses to the shift in perception and genuine desire for forgiveness.

Our deep love and appreciation go to Laverne for all that she has given here over the past 6 months. She is heading to the Peace House in Cincinatti but is always in our hearts.

In love and gratitude,

Update from Jutta

It’s time. It is now. It is time to lay aside all thoughts of future happiness and future peace. Both are available now, and I don’t have to wait.

My experience at the Extension Center these past few weeks has been one of full allowance of everything. An experience of allowing all thoughts and feelings to arise as they do. I’ve been allowing myself to not make distinctions between feelings. There are none more welcome than others. I found that I was getting myself into a loop recently of thinking that I should be feeling different, but the most peace I always find is in those moments when I see that nothing is wrong. I welcome the happiness as well as the sadness, the laughter and the tears, the contentment and the fear, the innocence and the guilt. Hello feelings! I love you!

I don’t have many words to describe what I’ve been going through recently. All I know is that I am so grateful for everyone here with me. Even when I don’t speak because I am unable to find words for my experience, I feel so strongly that everyone is holding me and carrying me. I need do nothing! As I allow all feelings to arise within me, and accept them all, the world is reflecting that and I feel totally accepted by all and feel that everyone is allowing me to be me. Whatever that means in any given moment. I am just allowed to be. I am so grateful!

Joe, Colin, Laverne, Andy, Gavin and Staffan are all such beautiful reflections of my mind, of the Truth of Who I Am. Every word they speak, every gesture, everything they do is my teacher; an aspect of my mind; a thought in my mind. I listen intently with the desire of seeing everything as truly helpful.

One thing I’ve been absolutely in Love with is Joe’s passion for landscaping and making the Extension Center more and more beautiful as it is in the process of being sold – we still have a very interested possible buyer. Joe has been planting, raking, clearing, building up of walls in the yard, but most of all, he’s spread, he’s sprinkled his Love all around the property and it brings tears to my eyes! It’s so beautiful to see him pour his heart into this project. It feels totally inspired and totally inspiring and it pulls on my heart strings.

Our blog has taken off a bit too as Colin and Andy, and soon Gavin too, have stepped in and started writing about their experiences here. Something feels incredibly sparkly and beautiful about that! You can read the latest entries here.

Once again there is lost of movement and shifting here:

Laverne has started her journey to the mainland and might end up at the Devotional Center in Canada. We all so love you, Laverne. Your Presence and warm, soft Heart remain with us.

Armelle is coming back to the island in a few days, and Jackie will arrive soon after.

Another beautiful One that is joining us for the month of march is Geoff Wildbur who is coming to Hawaii from Mexico and will be in deep collaboration with JP!

What a beautiful sight to watch this lovely piece of heavenly music be orchestrated by Spirit so perfectly. We are all so deeply settling in an awareness that everything is truly perfect and nothing can go wrong. Everything is helpful.

“What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?” – ACIM

In deep contentment forever,

The Decision to Remember

The course quote “at Home in God, dreaming of exile” keeps coming up lately in my thoughts. When I ponder what that Truly means I feel a sense of calming relief sweep over me. I’ve never left God! I just dreamed I did and projected out a cosmic fig leaf called a universe to try and convince myself. Like the Prodigal Son story I’m afraid my “Father” is very upset that I “left” and would not welcome me back. I’m seeing more and more that my decisions were stemming from a place of thinking myself unworthy of God’s Love. My many seeming “problems” funnel down into just one problem with One solution. I think I separated from my Father and all my “problems” is me playing in a time loop; projecting out a guilty dream where my good seems never good enough. So how good is good? Who knows. Who cares. I’m interested in being Peace-Full Now.

The exposing of these thoughts are the dissolving of what never was. Now I go on from here with Mighty Companions by my side. Living in the Extension Center community for the past 4 months has been without a doubt an absolute convincer that I cannot heal alone. I Trust my Brothers who are One with me. What happens when a group of people decide to come together in the name of remembering what they Truly are? A flushing up of what wants to be let go of. Everyone here holds the space for everyone to do just that. We allow a safe space to let this purging rise to the surface to be let go of. What is left when this takes place? What was always there to begin with: LOVE. There is no cap or ceiling to hold it down. I’m feeling more and more that awakening is just a subtraction process. A process to subtract the obstacles to reveal the presence of what Is and has always been there. I am not attaining Love. I am looking at all that isn’t, to remember All That IS.

This ego game has nowhere to run and hide in a community whose only goal is to expose, forgive and release while holding up each other in that process. I feel so blessed and honored to be in the presence of such Mighty Angels gently guiding me; holding the space for me if I need to cry; allowing me to release my attack thoughts without holding judgement of me. From this all it makes me want to do is return the beautiful gift and do the same for them. And now, laughter is starting to take over in full force. It’s such a deep reminder that every “person” I interact with has a gift for me. If some grievance arises, are they pushing my buttons in some way? NO. They are Spirit showing me something I need to Forgive. God’s Holy Messengers.

Thank You for showing me an unnecessary grievance that needs to be released! Let’s take each others hand, lean back in quiet faith and watch the Happy New World dawn. How will this world end? …Laughter. I’ve made the Decision with You to Remember.

With Infinite Love,
Your Eternal Brother,

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