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Hawaii Update August 2013

Being the Inspiration

Being the Inspiration at the Extension Center has nothing to do with managing, overseeing, leading or directing anything, nor anyone. It has everything to do with Being the Servant of our Father. Speaking His words, sharing what He shares, giving what and as He gives, seeing as He sees, loving as He loves,… is what it is all about!

There is no one to manage, no place to oversee, no one who needs mind training… It’s all thoughts! In this profound experience of Truth, there is no healing needed, as Love is all there is. Symbols are used by the Spirit as long as they are helpful. They are always Given for a Holy Purpose and so helpful for those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see…

If anything is given more meaning than it  just being a symbol used to loosen the mind from its identifications and attachments, one is then feeling separate, back in the illusion of a world that never was, and there can only be lack, loss, rejection and abandonment, loneliness, pain and pleasure, and at the end dissatisfaction and discontentment. For this world, really, holds nothing that we truly want. What we truly want is what we believe that all those fake desires will give us. Here is the great news… There is a shortcut!!!!!

You don’t have to go through hell again to come to the experience of Peace of Mind, Happiness, Love and Joy for no reason!!!!! You can live it NOW!!! You don’t even have to move from right where you are in this moment, reading those lines!!! It is right Here, right Now, if you truly want it! THAT is the secret… you have to truly desire it with all your heart, and want nothing else!

No one can give you what you deny yourself!

As long as you believe that something or someone outside of yourself can give you anything of value, you will keep running, chasing, wanting and only hitting the wall over and over again! You will put some people, governments, societies, institutions, structure or schedule… in an authority position and blame them for the way you feel. But you will never find Freedom in that! As long as projection lasts, unhappiness will last too, as they go together. It’s impossible to project anything and be happy! It’s impossible to reject any part of the Sonship and be happy. Happiness is Whole and without condition! You have to come to the realization that it is all mind, all thoughts. There is no real world out there doing anything to you, having any causation in the way you feel!

You choose the way you feel in each and every moment! Isn’t this powerful? Why would you want to give that power away and be a victim of anything when the Answer for Happiness lies within You, in the very Core of your Being. It’s never not been there, you just chose to not know it, not see it and wanted other things instead. This can end now, by the choice you can make NOW, and committing to this Choice!

What you want is what you are!!! It is within you, it is the Kingdom you’ve always dreamed of. By giving your full dedication to it, that’s the Experience you live. That is what Devotion is all about, that is what Service is all about! It never is devotion, service to a person, a community, a project. Those symbols can be used as a way to bring the mind deeper and deeper to the recognition of what has always been True, but it is never about that. The form you can devote yourself to falls away in True Devotion and leaves you with nothing, empty of all concepts and profoundly Content.

Who says that living in community was about acquiring anything, becoming someone special, having some kind of power, climbing the ladder of the hierarchy… It was never true. If at any time that was your purpose, this will have to fall away too, as everything will. No one will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven with such goals in mind. Only an empty mind and a humble heart can Know the Kingdom.

Trust is an essential part of this path. If, at any time, trust is withdrawn everything that you experience will be colored by that decision. As long as this decision to not trust what is given is held in mind, there will be pain and love will be perceived as attack or control. Trust is not something that is earned with time or proven by right action, for those are all mechanisms of the ego! Trust is a decision in mind! It is the decision to align with the Spirit, in each and every moment. From that perspective, Trust is natural! There is no other way to trust, you just have to start trusting and you’ll see the result of that immediately!

I am in deep Gratitude to all those who have been and still are walking this path along with me, for all the symbols that were and are Given me and the helpfulness of the Trust in the Plan!

Wherever you go, your mind goes with you! That’s how you can see that it’s all thoughts. You will never escape that until you look at all those thoughts and see them as false. You have to come to see where the real cause of unhappiness is !

This other way is offered here, in each and every moment. The question often asked is “yes, but HOW do I do that?” and the answer is that you don’t need to know how. The how is the Holy Spirit. HE is the Answer and will lead you every step of the way, if only you let Him lead… He is there in every moment, but you will not know him as long as you have specific goals in form or any expectation of an outcome. But He knows you. He knows your need before you and even better than you, and He always provides everything that is truly needed to Serve the Plan.

No one is ever left behind, for the Holy Spirit’s Plan is One of TOTAL Inclusion, and it always serves everyone in the best way possible. But if you exclude yourself from Him, then you will not know that. All that seems to happen is always what you have asked for and it is given as you have asked! That is taking FULL Responsibility for the way you feel…

None of what you live is independent from mind.

Sharing the message of Christ is what being the Inspiration is all about, and nothing else. No compromise is the only approach that gives immediate result! True empathy as taught in ACIM is the way to be Happy and as you offer it to seeming others, you really strengthen the Truth in yourself, as I only meet my Self, and all that I give I give to my Self! The ego will always feel controlled by the Spirit, but those with a real deep Devotion to Truth, those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see will Hear and answer the Call, will open their eyes and realize they were blind and now they See…

It is about “Being still and know that I am God”

Forever in Devotion to the One, I invite you to hold hands and walk together on the pathless Path of Unlimited Happiness…

Infinite Love,

Holding the Presence

I’ve been praying for a long time to be in service to the Presence, to be in acceptance of what is given every moment and having the willingness to be guided by the Flow of Life. As I am praying, the desire of my Heart is clearly expressed. I didn’t have to do anything to make that happen. I just observed that, at some point, it was Given me to hold the Presence at the Extension Center. I didn’t have any experience. But that was Given by the Holy Spirit! I firstly said, ‘NO’… It was so scary to accept BEING who I really am. It came back to me again and I chose to TRUST and receive what was Offered and to Give FULLY!!!!!

When Michael asked me to write about the experience of holding the Presence at the Extension Center I realized that I couldn’t explain… but I was willing to be guided through it and share with you my experience.It is not about “leading” or about having some personality or some specific qualities at all. Holding the Presence is really a collaboration/co-creation with God, and everyone and everything that is involved in our community in each and every moment. Holding the Presence seems to me like having and keeping Faith in the Guidance. And everything is used as an opportunity to go Home. As Rumi said “I searched for God and found only MYSELF. I searched for myself and found only GOD.”

Joining and Living in this community is really about being attentive to every movement of life, to every resident,to every space in the house, to the beauty of Nature around and also to the Unexpected. It’s all my mind!!! Every joining with the residents, every expression session, every involvement in projects or following the schedule are moments to be Present, to feel, to see and to express. There is room for everything in that experience : joy, sadness, anger, inspiration, doubts. Nothing is to be rejected. Everything is included. It’s always an opportunity to watch the mind and all its self-concepts. All that is offered is an invitation to explore all the corners of the mind and all resistances, conscious or unconscious, as they arise and are given over to Consciousness.We are all in support to remind each other that we are Just Love…

We are all experiencing and extending this profound Communication and Inspiration. We are all here to Trust what is Given and Open our Heart to Love. In this way, I can say that everyone is the “Extension Center”.


Extension Center Events

Resting in the Womb of Silence
Sep 23 – Oct 01

A 9-Day Intimate Devotional
Come discover the True desire of your Heart in Hawaii. Sink in the stillness for nine days of deep joinings and sharings, daily sessions with Armelle, meditation, music, movie, inner dance, creative expression. Tap into your Inspiration! Life changing experience!

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Hawaiian ACIM Community Night
Every Monday Night

Come and join in the Softness of the Spirit. Sink in the Stillness and in a timeless experience as we live in the spontaneity and freshness of the Present Moment. A life changing experience!

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Our centers are for those who desire to be in service and experience the gifts of prayer and devotion to the Spirit. Our focus on service is a way for the ego thought system to be undone, by reversing the habit of the mind from getting to giving. Our centers offer a space for deepening in devotion. They provide a safe environment to look fearlessly at the ego and come into the experience of living the practical application of our teachings. The sole purpose of coming together in community is the realization of our True Nature. There are opportunities to collaborate in a variety of projects.

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