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Awakening Mind Newsletter March 2014


Update from Armelle

Today I feel to share about something that is reallypresent for me… How Life is so Perfect in each moment. In my experience there is no separation between Life and the spiritual path. Life is the path! There is nothing else, nothing more…

Each moment is an invitation to Freedom, to Happiness and to the recognition of Who You Are. Each moment is so full. It is Perfection.

It is seeing that everything is already Free before anything seems to happen, that in reality, there really is nothing to do to be free, because you are Freedom itself that doesn’t even know of the concept of Freedom.

Maintaining the idea of a spiritual path is maintaining the idea that some day, when you’ve done enough of something, then you’ll be enlightened! This will never happen! Enlightenment is the falling away of the idea that there ever was one who could be separate from Perfection who had to do something to regain it, to attain it. There isn’t one!

In this very moment, whatever the circumstances you’re in are, you already are What You Are! Nothing is to change to realize What You Are… It is Here! Now!

Everything is already free, accepted, allowed as it arises and come into awareness… There is absolutely never anything to do to make it so. It is already Here. It is already Reality. There is never any need to change your experience for this to be the case. It just Is… always.

What is spoken here is never a prescription of what is to be done, as the ego always takes it and asks for more things to do… It always is a description of what already Is, of what is always there, of how it always and already Is.

It is important, because that is the premise on which we base our whole life. As long as there is an attempt to change anything at all to the experience, there will be suffering, because it is based on the fact that there is one at the center of Life that has the choice. That is not the case. All that seems to happen is part of the script and totally involuntary. There is no personal choice. The Universe, God has already made all choices. The script of all characters is already written! There is absolutely nothing to do… You can just rest…

As you recognize that, and you see that it is just a little tweek in perception… from person to Presence, you recognize that you already are Whole and Complete and needing nothing else! You already are Perfection and nothing is to change. And that changes everything because you live permanently in this Abundance. Each and every moment is so full that it overflows…

There is only the Perfection of all of Life, every moment, and there is a tremendous JOY when that is seen…

Lots of Love,

The End of the “Seeker” Who Never Was!

Yesterday, Spirit showed me that the Seeker is no longer, in fact that there is no Seeker and there never was. Spirit and the “I” are one at home with God and have never left.

Yesterday it was shown that there was nothing to get, nothing to heal, nothing to let go of, nothing to understand, nothing to unblock. It was shown that True Forgiveness is in the Knowing that there actually is, and has only ever been, nothing but Love.

It is in the I AM, GOD IS with nothing else, that True Love is. This Love that the “I” has been seeking is and always has been. It never changes and has nothing to hide, it was shown that all concepts that the “I” had made have been dropped and in fact never were.

It was shown that this life is, and always has been perfect, and even though the “I” had felt separate, this was not, and never has been the case. It was shown that all that is left, is the extension of this message and Love in this moment and all moments after. It was shown that the Peace, Love and Joy of God are in being Spirit, which is the only way to be Truly Helpful.

Today, I appear to be the “I” again. However there is a whole knew perception of Knowing that the “I” does not, and has never existed. As the “I” is watched typing this, there is a Knowing that even the extension of this message is anther concept that will be released when its time has come.

In this moment however this is the thing to do and now it is done.

Extension Center Update

The Center is at its highest! So sparkly! Full of joy! Inspiration! It’s exploding everywhere! And everyone rejoices in the awareness of the presence that’s forever there!

Greg and Geoff have arrived and are fully stepping into their function and the joy of no structure. As everyone links in a deeper way the hearts keep opening wider and wider, and insights are coming to everyone in a deeper way than ever. The mind is definitely waking up to itself!! And everyone feels it!

Jackie is moving forward with the selling of the Center and everything seems to be going really well!

Greg is riding the miracle of selling things from the Center and is joyfully discovering the magic of having the maintenance of the properties done through him in total cluelessness!

JP and Geoff keep joining around the upgrades of the Living Miracles websites and giving them a totally fresh, new face! It feels really beautiful!

Colin is now enjoying his new function of bookkeeping for the Foundation, as well as being part of the SEO team, and is bursting through the wall of fear, allowing the kid in him to sing his Love!

Gavin is flying high overseeing the whole SEO project and as he keeps following his inspiration is now also supporting the European tour with me and staring a social media campaign. He is going to fly to France in April to join the tour team!!

Andy is soaring and so fully inspired and is ready to leave on the 20th to join Frances in Mexico.

Jutta has fully stepped into taking over the Center from me and is now the main overseer. It is an honor for me to see her stepping into this and having supported her all along to trust herself and keep answering the deeper call of her heart. Thank you, Jutta, for joining me in this!

I am ready to leave on the 18th for the biggest adventure – on a magical trip to Europe for two and a half months! Feeling so carried, so full that it overflows all the time, completely swept away in Love, ready to extend that the search is over! I will be joining with Ludvig, Al, Christiane and Petra for a tour throughout France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and possibly Denmark, Norway and Sweden. More information will come in the next few weeks as the tour unfolds.

Armelle & Friends European Tour – The End Of The Search

As I am packing up all my stuff from Hawaii this time, after a year of being here, I just want to share how deep the gratitude is for everything that has been lived here, for everyone I joined with so deeply, and for the depth of all that has fallen away. Surely there is only Love and perfection. Thank you all for all that you are!

I also want to thank JP particularly for the piano lessons and all the time I spent basking in his music and presence!

I loooooooooooooove You All soooooooooooo much! You are in my heart forever!

Update from the Living Miracles Mexico Tour

Last weekend it was a great joy to join in a gathering in Monterrey, Mexico with David Hoffmeister, Nikita Sparks, Catarina and Ricki Comeaux – Ricki providing her unique delivery of the Spirit with her passionate musical expression.I so loved traveling with David, basking in the message he delivers and joining in the peace and joy of a life lived fully. Muchas gratitud!

The people of Monterrey have the biggest hearts and are so willing to take all limits off and dive deep into their feelings! The first talk by Nikita really set the flavor for the weekend, with her deep experience of answering the Call, undoing the family concept and affirming that we truly are not of this world!

Here is Nikita’s talk “Not of this world”

I felt totally carried throughout the retreat. I was given the opportunity to just Be, no obvious form function; willing to help where prompted and chiefly following the thread of spontaneity and freedom. I joined with my mighties, I was shown great photo opportunities and I discovered a whole new inspiration: shooting videos of David and the crew! I was so inspired by this that I edited and uploaded them to FB immediately and was lifted even higher by the experience of giving them away.

The photo montage came in the same way. Catarina and I collaborated around an Angel bath experiential that touched me so deeply. It was a tangible experience of giving and receiving becoming the one beautiful flow of breath as we all rested in a contemplative reverie that was beyond all thought and action. It was a beautiful shared surrender as we were Truly washed in the glory of Love. We ended on an even higher note with a long Noosa hug!

Watch the beautiful montage “Stepping into the Experience”

The retreat in Monterrey was a mystic fest of generosity of Spirit, a very strong desire to keep nothing hidden and a ‘family of the mind’ atmosphere that was used by the Spirit to undo the self identity and strengthen the invisible links of the Heart.

“Family of the Mind”

All in all the greatest gift for me was the recognition of the deep nourishment available when we extend the gifts that are given us. They seemingly come flying back a thousand-fold through the depth of happiness and the heights of sparkling light in the experience in the Mind!

The next retreat on the schedule for the Living Miracles Mexico Tour is a one day gathering on the 5th of April in Guadalajara.

Messenger of Peace, Frances Xu, and many friends from La Casa de Milagros are joining to share their experiences around the theme of “Living the Spirit Inspired Life.” Greg, supported by Emily, will be sharing his lively music for the first time in Mexico!

If you feel the tickle to join us contact Cathy Uroz [email protected] for further information.

Te quiero,

Quantum Love – I Love You Now

David’s talk from the “Stepping into the Experience” retreat:

What is Quantum Love? Quantum Love undoes the concept of Love in the world. Quantum Love radiates from God and has no expectations or future. Quantum Love is a total commitment to “I Love you Now,” to Be Present, to keep it simple!

Upcoming Guadalajara Event

A large printable flyer will be available soon under the Global Events!!

I Can Allow Everything

One of the most beautiful gifts from living in community at La Casa de Milagros is learning that things are always changing, and it’s safe for me to allow everything to come up and be felt. If I simply sit with the emotions that arise, and hand them over to the Holy Spirit, they do shift – but it may not happen instantly.

Usually, if I feel sad, angry, guilty or anxious, I have the double whammy of the negative feeling, plus the pain of beating myself up for feeling that way. I seem to think that as a Course student, I should be able to hand over everything to the Holy Spirit and feel better instantly. If I still feel unhappy, I often feel like I haven’t done something properly but I don’t know how to fix it and this causes more self-judgment.

What I am realizing now is that even those negative feelings are involuntary and can be fully allowed. When I feel sad or angry, I am noticing that I have strong resistance to really experiencing the feeling, but in this community I’m always encouraged to really go for it – feel how I feel, say what I need to say, let it all be exactly as it is. And then, as if by magic, the feeling that arose does pass!

For example, I’ve noticed that I keep projecting onto one brother in particular who is close to me. One day I feel only love for him, and the next I am angry at him and often actually hate him! Sometimes there is a story to go with it, but other times I can see that I am upset for no reason I know of and my ego is looking around for someone to project it onto.

I was feeling extremely guilty about it and trying desperately to hand it over to Spirit, hand it over again, and wondering what I am doing wrong. It may be true that this is all a dream and I need to forgive myself for making it up, but reminding myself of this doesn’t feel like enough when the emotion is strong.

But now I can see that I can just allow my anger to come up, notice that I am projecting, and that is fine. I still hand it over to Spirit and each time some sweet little miracles come along to gently change my perspective. It is often simply by expressing the whole thing to someone else. There is no need to try and FORCE my mind to forgive – if I ask Spirit to help, and am actually willing to see it differently, even that change in perspective is done for me!


Enjoy These Magical Impressions from Mexico!

The volunteers at La Casa de Milagros are in Love with Rickie! ‘Lay Down in God’s Love’ – a Spirit given song by Ricki Comeaux. It will take you there!

David’s Talk: We want your Heart, All of It!
It is all too easy to feel caught up by the everyday, linear, personal perception of the world and personality. Stillness beckons with a Call so deep and intimate and immediate: Familiarity, complacency are subtle traps to keep you tired and asleep. Stillness is not in the future, It is Now, waiting for your allowance. Give your Heart, All of It, as a downpayment for Stillness. Spirit waits on the BIG Welcome of the Heart, not on time.

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Global Coming Events

There are gatherings and retreats happening all over the globe this season. Have a look at our coming events to join with us.

Brace yourselves! There are TWO big tours coming your way!

“The End of the Search”

Between March 21st and May 31st Armelle and friends are embarking on a magical tour throughout Europe to join in the Reality that is right Here and Now!

Follow them on FacebookGoogle+, and Youtube!!

Here a little trailer for the tour:


Armelle Talks About Acting On What’s Given

“Quantum Love Tour”

Beginning April 4th David, Kirsten, Nikita, and Ricki will be touring throughout the East of the United States to share the message of freedom straight from their hearts through words and song!

For updates follow the Tour team on Facebook!!

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Devotional Retreats
Service, devotion, and reverence; the focus of our community.

Our centers are for those who desire to be in service and experience the gifts of prayer and devotion to the Spirit. Our focus on service is a way for the ego thought system to be undone, by reversing the habit of the mind from getting to giving. Our centers offer a space for deepening in devotion. They provide a safe environment to look fearlessly at the ego and come into the experience of living the practical application of our teachings. The sole purpose of coming together in community is the realization of our True Nature. There are opportunities to collaborate in a variety of projects.

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