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Awakening Mind Newsletter June 2014


“Allow the form to be guided and spontaneous, and allow yourself to remain undefined, in the forgiving state of mind.”

~ Frances Xu

La Casa de Milagros Update

The Holy Spirit has the community of La Casa de Milagros on many busy doings this month! It feels like a refreshing step cleaning up any residue of the past and taking flight as the New!

We have welcomed new guests from the US, China and New Zealand and our large dining table can no longer seat us all! Communication has become our primary focus as we join in support of symbols such as world-wide tours, retreats, newsletters, translations, editing, and the many expressions extended via our blog, sharing the full experience of a vertical mind that is bearing fruit.

I am opening into the quantum mind or Holy instant as Jesus refers to it. No longer looking for error, every prompt becomes an invitation to open more expansively into the boundlessness of abstraction. I (we) welcome every opportunity to expose believed blocks within the group field and hold each other in the innocence that is becoming the only thing we want to know and extend within ourSelf.

We are experiencing how Spirit does not need to prove, or coerce, or, in any way, convince or prove a thing. Truly, the Present moment waits and watches and judges not. Happy in eternally knowing that all is as it should be. And yet meeting each other where we think we are with open arms and welcome. We have found ourselves involuntarily answering the call for Love and seeing and listening to the angels’ song in each other. We are joyously discovering each other brand new every day!

This morning we shared an experience together that so reflects the acceptance of innocence: the allowing of the Present moment.

We met in the early dawn to take a silent walk down by the lake and sit and watch the often mystical light play of the rising sun. Today it was overcast! We headed off together down the creek-like walking track that took us to the foreshore of Lake Chapala. We hadn’t gone far and the rain began to fall! Self doubt arose in mind. Had I made a mistake? Was this going to be uncomfortable for my companions? Should we turn back? We joined and all felt to go on despite the heavy mist and increasing rain. Ahead we saw a dwelling, sitting unlived in on the shore. We felt the prompt to go in and shelter under the palm fronds and see what the next moment might bring.

It rained even harder!!

Suddenly a vehicle pulled up at the gate and, for a moment, a thought of trespass whipped through the mind. A smiling face emerged from the truck however and he strode in chatting with Fernando in Spanish like a dear friend. He went straight to a little iron roofed part of the structure, unlocked the door, tidied up a bit and ushered us in to sit dripping on the mattress like we were family! He then went back to his truck waited while the heaviest rain passed, launched his little fishing boat and headed out into the mist like Jesus might have done!

The message clearly heard by us all was a resonating innocence. A silent recognition that we are Host to God, not hostage to a capricious ego! Despite being soaked we danced home on the wings of a Miracle in the joy of an undefined experience that had lifted us out of time!


A Blog and Video

“I’ve learned to trust the way Spirit delivers miracles to me. Simple tasks become grand adventures and the days come alive. That’s how I found myself and five of my Mighty Companions huddled inside a shabby lakeside fishing shack in Mexico, listening to the rain pound on the galvanized roof.” Read more…

Watch 6 monks – Sue, Sharon, Yvonne, Kristen, Andy, and Fernando – on a quest for enlightenment, through torrential rains find joy in the moment and shelter from the rain!


I’ve been a guest here in Mexico for a few weeks now. What a joy to be a part of La Casa! There can be so much packed into a single day and I’m not talking merely on the level of form. We are all here for one purpose only and that is to be willing to relinquish all ideas in our minds that are not in line with truth so that we can experience again the purity of love and joy that is our natural inheritance. This is a full time venture. And there is no loss or sacrifice in it because there really is nothing else to do anyway!

How joyful it is to start gaining awareness that literally everything and everyone here is helping me reach this state of perfect peace. All things truly are working together for good! So, if a brother seems to be causing a reaction in me it is always an opportunity to trace this back to my own mind. The temptation to blame another is one of the ego’s favorite practices. But as we open our minds, we can stop and remember that it’s impossible that anyone could ever be doing anything to us. If this was not true there would indeed be no hope of any lasting peace. So it’s with great joy that we can recall the lines from ACIM: “I am responsible for what I see, I choose the feelings I experience, […] And everything that SEEMS to happen to me, I ask for an receive as I have asked.” T-21.II.2 We really are all in this together. And what a blessing it is to find a location in space and time that is totally dedicated to AWAKENING from this dream of misery and death. And as this old way is surrendered we find ourselves getting lighter and happier for no reason whatsoever other than that it is the truth of who we are.

In love and gratitude,

Holy Encounters

“It is Wednesday night, June 4th, 7 o’clock when 10 mighties leave La Casa de Milagros for a wonderful Live Mexican Harp Music Festival. It happens to be in the Centro Cultural, which is around the corner for us. We could not have expected the many holy encounters we would have with the joyful, open and warmhearted Mexicans. The food, the drinks, the mixture of cultures, the warmth of the people, the passionate music and the laughter; every moment felt like a given miracle!” – Sue

News from the Peace House in Cincinnati!

The restoration of the Peace House is in full swing. The project really began last year with repair of the plumbing, water lines, showers and toilets.

This year began with general maintenance, lawn care, trimming trees back, repairing broken steps to the back door, etc.

The house is very old, but somehow dear to my heart. There are many projects repairing and cleaning. Staying in the moment allows my mind to open to new possibilities on how any project should be done. So far, for most things I have been able to use what is already here. My days here are spent in constant prayer going from room to room and asking what would be truly helpful. For this peaceful time I am grateful.

A few projects require someone with carpentry skills. A local handyman will be making these repairs.

The big news though, is that The Peace House will be receiving a new roof. We have been getting estimates for this job. David has asked that all bids be in by the 20th of June so that we may go forward with the roof project. I’ll keep you informed as we go along.

With Eternal Love,

Coming Events at La Casa de Milagros

We are very happy to share the excitement and extend an invitation to two upcoming events here at La Casa de Milagros.

The first is a one day gathering in English and Spanish on July 24th with David Hoffmeister and Rev. Maria Felipe. This is an opportunity to deepen into the practical application of ACIM.
Click here for more details.


The second gathering is a 7 day retreat from the 24th to the 30th of September with David and the Messengers of Peace, with the theme: ‘You are the Light of the World’ – Who is the Light of the world if it isn’t You? Come and dive into the Miracle of forgiveness and experience directly the radiant Presence of Love that you are.

Click here for more details.

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There are gatherings and retreats happening all over the globe this season. Have a look at our coming events to join with us.

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SPREAKER: Accepting What is Given


VIDEO: Trust

SPREAKER: The Lord is My Shepherd

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Service, devotion, and reverence; the focus of our community.

Our centers are for those who desire to be in service and experience the gifts of prayer and devotion to the Spirit. Our focus on service is a way for the ego thought system to be undone, by reversing the habit of the mind from getting to giving. Our centers offer a space for deepening in devotion. They provide a safe environment to look fearlessly at the ego and come into the experience of living the practical application of our teachings. The sole purpose of coming together in community is the realization of our True Nature. There are opportunities to collaborate in a variety of projects.

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