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Awakening Mind Newsletter July 2014


“I rejoice in the Living Moment! Now is wholeness true, and happily wholeness has no ‘opposite.’”

David Hoffmeister, from his new book Unwind Your Mind

La Casa de Milagros Update

The symbol of Spirit is raining down upon us in the form of a Mexican monsoonal summer! Often the property is filled with thunder and sheet lightening and the winds of heaven come whipping through the jasmine in our mind!

Just as all the gardens are blossoming with the rain and sun, so are all the mighty companions. It really does feel like a beautiful joining and flowering of a deep communion here. There is a genuine flow of Life being experienced and each of us is seemingly adding our own color and light to this joyous tapestry.

Listening within and joining at the Heart authentically has been a theme up in awareness and there is a recognition that any block to total allowance of the Spirit pouring through is actually a call to forgiveness. It’s only just dawned on me that joining and forgiveness are One and the same. Wow! That’s deep!

We cannot join with Spirit while any attack thoughts are being hidden from the light. What an incentive to expose and release all judgment as the desire to join in the vertical relationship is strengthening in all of us! Do I want to be right or happy? After all, desire for what I thought I wanted got me in a pickle in the first place and now the desire for Truth, for Truth’s sake, is gaining in strength every moment I accept it.

In this decision to be consistently happy a new way of allowing Life has arrived. Jesus calls this the happy learner. It’s Self responsibility in the truest sense: listening to and following the Inner Guide and accepting Union of mind. It is seeing that the past is gone and can’t be drawn upon to fuel this moment. It is discovering that we don’t want the past and literally can’t find the past! It’s an emptying out of all the subtle and overlooked identities that I thought I was. Very humbling and really rather humorous too!

The last few days have been full of a Grace-filled flow and creativity, with joyful spontaneous and collaborative projects emerging, as well as a continuance of very focused attention on preparation for the European Quantum Love Tour. It’s been a hive of activity in every way, including deep dives into transparency, some very inspiring gratitude sessions led by Colin, and most of all a deepening sense of connection with each other rising very naturally from the field of Quantum Love.

We are all very happy to welcome Rev. Maria Felipe and David Hoffmeister here at La Casa de Milagros for a one-day A Course in Miracles gathering in English and Spanish on the 24th of July (see flyer on bottom).

Hearty gratitude and Love to All,

Summer Breeze

As Sue was writing the La Casa de Milagros update she felt the joy and lightness of the song “Summer Breeze” come floating through the mind. After joining with Dylan around the song (popular way before his biological time!) he felt inspired to film and add footage of the community to the song and share the relaxed and happy feeling we were experiencing!

This is a first time video project for Dylan and it expresses beautifully his easy child-like wonder at the unfolding of Life! Enjoy!

A Sharing of Life in Community

There is an old saying: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” What I have come to experience is: “When the student is ready, the Teacher, Who has always been there, will be heard.”

I am currently a guest at the Awakening Mind community, La Casa de Milagros, and I was asked by the steward, Sue, if I was feeling to write a blog to share my experience.
I immediately felt rebellious and thought I do not like writing, I am not a good writer, my spelling stinks, what am I going to say? But I reluctantly said “yes.” Why? Because I am here to jump-start my healing. My purpose is to accept the Atonement, Peace of Mind, and Forgiveness. In short, to be Happy and to want God and God’s Love above all else.

Saying “yes” moves me in this direction. Spirit chose Sue, and Spirit does not make mistakes. Sue prays, listens, and follows the Spirit. Her request follows the Spirit’s plan and so I agreed to look my resistance in the eye, kick and scream, throw a fit, and write this blog for me and my healing.

Being at La Casa de Milagros is nothing like what I expected, and yet it is everything I need. Looking at, and questioning my beliefs, concepts, what I am not, and what everything is for, is not easy. I had no idea that I was so rooted in the illusion of false beliefs and concepts. However, I am in safe and loving hands here as I go through the process of unwinding my mind back to God and am assigned functions as a back-drop to flush up egoic beliefs and concepts.

I thought that all I needed was a strong desire and I would sail through and accept my true identity, but I’ve come to realize that my desire isn’t as pure as I once thought. When I go about God’s business with my assigned projects, emotions inevitably surface; seeming personalities and ideas clash and the authority problem constantly rears its ugly head as I project the need to be right. Internal and sometimes external “clashes” are brought up in expression sessions. Ultimately though, they are all internal struggles in the mind, projected thoughts that we’re all joined in undoing.

Actually, the undoing part is the Holy Spirit’s; ours is bringing the ugliness up, seeing that it is false, and letting it go. It can be scary expressing openly at first and when I arrived I found that I was really invested in the belief that these were my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions and my emotions. But what I discovered blew my mind away: they are not mine and they never were, and they are not those of anyone in the community. Actually, they don’t belong to anyone. They are of the ego and they are nothing.

How did I come to acknowledge this? I kept using the tools that were available to me-full-time. Mostly what I’m referring to, is the Holy Spirit via the people in the community (and movies, David’s YouTube videos, Skype calls, readings, meditation, and miracle moments).

Newcomers here are given a “Guiding Light,” a person to link-in with who helps them process what is coming into awareness, perceive it in a new light, and let it go. I managed to be given just the right person to help me. Feelings are still being flushed up and out, but how I view them has changed. They are losing their appeal to me. My grip is loosening and my heart is opening. Now I’m on a mission to expose the lousy little bugger (ego) for what it is!

We follow the guidelines of “no people-pleasing” and “no private thoughts.” I was surprised to discover how much I wanted and felt I needed to be liked and to be right. People-pleasing came naturally and so did hiding the fact that I was a people-pleaser. Ouch! And added to that is the process of actually exposing to others what is really on my mind! That feels like a death sentence for anyone who’s trying to cling to their self-concept and beliefs but is actually hiding from the Love of God!

The key to being in this community is to constantly be willing to change my mind, to be willing to be wrong, willing to let go, willing to face my fears, willing to express and expose my thoughts, feelings and beliefs, willing to feel rejected, willing to release judgements and face fears of judgement, willing to unlearn, willing to follow. I heard one of the Messengers of Peace, Kirsten, say, “Pray, pray, pray, listen and follow. You have to be willing to follow before the doubt thoughts set in.” I found I could follow directions from others (ultimately guided by the Holy Spirit) even after doubt had set in and I didn’t fully believe in what I was doing. Spirit is alive and well, loving and gentle, never commanding, never demanding, always available, and always waiting for my little willingness, my little “yes.”

I have found that the more I say “yes” and follow the prompts and directions, the more I open up to direct communication from Spirit and experience inner peace and joy.

With gratitude,

Movie Pick

Letters to God

Themes: Prayer, Communication, Going Within, Healing
Director: Patrick Doughtie
Actors: Robyn Lively, Jeffrey Johnson, Tanner Maguire


This is a movie about hope, prayer, and purpose. I’ve never heard the word prayer used so much in a movie before! A young boy with a terminal illness starts writing letters to God as a form of prayer. He encourages everyone around him to do the same, and in doing so, minds are turned towards God as a Source of comfort and communication. The boy’s letters are given to the local postman who is going through his own life struggles and after asking the local pastor what to do with the letters he is told that they are part of his own journey with God. The healing is for all, and the desire for healing and connection with God radiates out, inspiring the whole community.

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There are gatherings and retreats happening all over the globe this season. Have a look at our coming events to join with us.

A “first look” at Unwind Your Mind Back To God, Experiencing A Course in Miracles
Jul. 18 & 19 Jacksonville, FL

The Awakening Movie Festival
Jul. 31 Madison, WI
Aug. 1 Brookfield, WI
Aug. 2 Naperville, IL
Aug. 3 Chicago, IL

Ignite the Spark in your Heart… You Are the Gift
Aug. 1-3 San Rafael, CA
Aug. 6 Oakland, CA
Aug. 12 Fairfield, VI, Canada
Aug. 14 Victoria, BC, Canada
Aug. 15 Fairfield, VI, Canada

Vivendo El Curso de Milagros! Living A Course in Miracles!
Ju.l 24 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

David and Armelle Satsangs
An Experience of the Heart
Aug. 2 & 3 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug. 4 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Our centers are for those who desire to be in service and experience the gifts of prayer and devotion to the Spirit. Our focus on service is a way for the ego thought system to be undone, by reversing the habit of the mind from getting to giving. Our centers offer a space for deepening in devotion. They provide a safe environment to look fearlessly at the ego and come into the experience of living the practical application of our teachings. The sole purpose of coming together in community is the realization of our True Nature. There are opportunities to collaborate in a variety of projects.

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