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Awakening Mind Newsletter August 2014


“When a mind has only light, it knows only light. Its own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty.”

ACIM, T-7.XI.5:1-2

La Casa de Milagros Update

This has been a month of constant change here in México. We had a wonderful visit with David and Maria. Following that we said goodbye to Peter, who is on his way to support Mel in Australia, Lynne also left (and is coming back I hear), Colin headed back to China, Anje left temporarily and will be back in August, as will Sue, who has temporarily gone to Australia to support her dad and celebrate his 90th birthday. We said hello to Michael, who is currently the resident Messenger and also said hello to Li from Sweden.

During the month we experienced the end of the “rainy” season and dealt with a couple of floods which were met with wonderful collaboration from everyone here and topped off by watching Andy float down what was a road and became a river for a short while.

Spirits are running high here and we are enjoying a very close collaboration with everyone at the Living Miracles community in Utah, through our tour team, and the various publications and video projects that have been lovingly sent our way.

Metaphors abound and a real sense of going deeper has taken over La Casa. We have really focused on undoing the “loops” that we find ourselves entangled in from time to time. In fact, we all watchedRepeaters last night, which really accentuated the healing that we all are feeling. It really boils down to each one of us taking responsibility for our own state of mind and practicing forgiveness with ourselves and each other.

We are looking forward to the upcoming “You Are the Light of the World” retreat that will be held here starting September 24 and are anxiously anticipating the arrival of a few Messengers just in time for that retreat.

Hasta luego!!!


Living A Course in Miracles
A Gathering at La Casa de Milagros

David Hoffmeister and Maria Felipe held a day-long gathering on July 24 at La Casa de Milagros to christen it as the center of an urban ministry for extending the message of the Course and David’s teachings to the Spanish-speaking world.

Enjoy this 2-part Spreaker talk from the gathering about Extending the Love!

Listen to “Exuberant Happiness at La Casa” on Spreaker.

This Life Has Always Been Heaven

When I take down the music and lyrics that come to my mind, it seems to be a practice of letting go of thinking that I’m doing anything at all of myself. When I sink into the stillness, I can see that I am not capable of choosing the next thought before it emerges into awareness. It simply appears when it does. When I feel a wave of new music coming in, all I can do is to simply watch and wait. Sometimes a thought comes up that says, “I wish I could finish this line of lyrics” or “I want to figure out which chord to start the chorus of the song with” – thoughts which are accompanied by a feeling of anxiety and threat – but it never changes the fact that the next word or chord comes when it comes. It has been beautiful to watch this unfolding in my mind in the context of this musical meditation, since it shows me how my mind is working all the time.

My latest song, “This Life Has Always Been Heaven,” feels closely linked in my mind to my time spent at La Casa de Milagros. I watched and waited as the song came bit by bit into a tangible format over a couple of weeks, in several spontaneous sessions. The lyrics refer to the fight feeling of thinking that I am responsible for making something happen in a certain way in my projects, pleasing someone outside myself with a product or even that I’m responsible for deciding what to do with “my life” in the hypothetical future (or any other “me” or doer thought).

The other alternative to the fight is an experience of flowing naturally with whatever prompts come lovingly in each moment while experiencing a surrendered state of mind. This becomes more and more the default as certainty grows in my mind that any arguing with Reality or wanting circumstances to be different, or in a certain way, is painful. I can feel that my mind craves expansion and release when there’s a fight going on. And when I do allow the experience of accepting the miracle of letting go, what’s left is an experience of perfection and completion. I feel it in the whole of my being. I am safe in this moment with no need for future and past.

The music that comes into my mind is really all for me. The songs are reflections of my mind returning to Love and are the messages that are given to me in the letting go.

In Love,

Movie Pick

King of Hearts (1966)

Themes:Defenselessness, Joy
Director: Philippe de Broca
Actors: Pierre Brasseur, Jean-Claude Brialy, Genevieve Bujold


This movie reflects the theme: “Who’s the judge of what is insane?” In a world where war is seen as reality, defenselessness, laughter, and joy are often diagnosed as symptoms of insanity. Innocence has a sanity which goes beyond the accepted beliefs of the world, and in the end one must decide whether to participate in the world or step out of it. This movie “royally” exposes the farce of the world and the hypocrisy of labeling “some” as insane. Who will cast that stone, when to believe in this world at all is really worth questioning? The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Wake up with the Movies!

Coming Events at La Casa de Milagros

We are very happy to share the excitement and extend an invitation to an upcoming event here at La Casa de Milagros.

This gathering is a 7 day retreat from September 24 to 30 with David and the Messengers of Peace, with the theme:

‘You are the Light of the World’ 

Who is the Light of the world if it isn’t You? Come and dive into the Miracle of forgiveness and experience directly the radiant Presence of Love that you are.

Click here for more details.

Attend a Gathering

Global Coming Events

There are gatherings and retreats happening all over the globe this season. Have a look at our coming events to join with us.

Ignite the Spark in your Heart… You Are the Gift
Aug. 15 Fairfield, VI, Canada
Aug. 16 Duncan, VI, Canada 
Aug. 19 Nelson, BC, Canada 
Aug. 20 Nelson, BC, Canada

Transcendence Series with David, Jason, and Lisa
Aug. 15, 16, 17 Sedona, AZ, USA

Let the Love Flow Tour – Living A Course in Miracles
Aug. 20 – Sept. 30 Victoria, Australia

Unwind Your Mind Tour
Aug. 21 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Sept. 12 Lafayette, CA, USA
Sept. 13 San Rafael, CA, USA 
Sept. 14 Oakland, CA, USA 

Strawberry Fields – Music & Enlightenment Retreat
Aug. 27 – Sept. 3 Duchesne, UT, USA

Strawberry Fields – Movie Festival
Sept. 4 – 7 Duchesne, UT, USA

The Peace of God is My One Goal – ACIM Retreat Weekend
Aug. 29 – 31 Victoria, Australia

Join Us and Go Deeper

Devotional Retreats
Service, devotion, and reverence; the focus of our community.

Our centers are for those who desire to be in service and experience the gifts of prayer and devotion to the Spirit. Our focus on service is a way for the ego thought system to be undone, by reversing the habit of the mind from getting to giving. Our centers offer a space for deepening in devotion. They provide a safe environment to look fearlessly at the ego and come into the experience of living the practical application of our teachings. The sole purpose of coming together in community is the realization of our True Nature. There are opportunities to collaborate in a variety of projects.

Click here for an online application.

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