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Awakening Mind Newsletter April 2014


Extension Center Update

It has been a time of quiet reflection here; a time of Presence and deep Joy. The structure has given way to an ever-present flow in which everything takes place: words, silence, busy doings and stillness. What is coming fully into Awareness now is that I Am in his flow. It is Who I Am. All answers are within it and all guidance is within it. I find that I am never alone, because this, my true nature, never leaves. When thoughts come in of uncertainty, the Certainty of Who I Am rushes into Awareness with a gentleness beyond this world and everything becomes an ease. I and my Father are One, and there is no truth beyond or outside of that. This Oneness is becoming a present State of Being, and all ideas of wrong and right, of good and bad, of opposites of any kind are simply erased by that.

Our weekly movie and ACIM nights have been a reflection of this and a beautifultool for the extension of the Truth. In the past I found myself scared and searching for words when questions came from visitors on those nights, and now there is a Certainty that is settling in, in which words I never knew where there just come and a feeling of aliveness fills me that is new and exciting, and everyone can feel it. I am finding such joy in extending this State of Being, of the simple Truth that I, we, never left home, and having everyone join me in that. And at this point questions simply stop, and all that is left is a deep experience of stillness and vibrant Joy!

It’s such an honor to be here with Colin and Greg, who share this Presence with me. Gatherings and joinings have been left to total spontaneity and each time we come together we share in the same Purpose: Truth and only Truth, and the Stillness out of which everything, every moment, springs forth without effort of any kind. I so rejoice in that!

A beautiful thought that has been keeping me steady company is: Let all things be exactly as they are. So that I shall do!

So much Love,

La Casa de Milagros Update

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Accepting the Atonement

This has been yet another miraculous month for us all at La Casa de Milagros! Last weekend we all went to Guadalajara to join with Cathy Urroz and friends for a gathering themed ‘Living the Spirit inspired life.’

Almost the whole community felt the call to go except for Messenger of Peace Frances Xu (the billed presenter!) who waved us off with her blessing! What a beautiful opportunity to experience and share what is for us a daily revelation of deepening in the Love and flow of a life inspired by Life itself!

Andy and I seemed to be sitting at the front of the gathering but what became immediately obvious was that the whole group from La Casa was joined in a beautiful tapestry of Oneness, all connected at the Heart in the desire to extend whatever was given. The group were encouraged to share and questions and expressions of emotion came through as well as parables of healing through the united Voice of La Casa de Milagros (aka Spirit!)!

Greg and Emily extended their beautiful music; each song divinely guided and perfectly delivered as a message in answer to the heart of the Moment.

I had first hand experience in Trust in the presence of Spirit playing the role as an ‘interchangeable part;’ David Hoffmeister’s phrase to describe the impersonal and often last minute changes in gathering facilitators. I experienced the acceptance of what was an opportunity to shine and share as the Presence of Love without judgment and comparison, essentially through remembering God’s Will is my own.

And Gods Will has always been Mine! There never has been a choice to do it differently. I just imagined that I could resist or get something else to what is Here. My only true happiness lies in joining with the Spirit Now. This is the leap into the unknown. Off the linear cross of sacrifice and martyrdom and ascending instead into the vertical reality beyond the battleground of seeming choice!

Accepting the atonement is the end of all learning Here. It’s the beginning of the happiness that is our inheritance united as One Will. It’s accepting the script is written and resting back into the gentleness of Love, letting Life live through in all its glory and mystery! It’s the delightful realisation that there is nothing to let go of because we were never holding on to anything in the first place!

Grande abrazos and mucho amor,

An Update from Catarina

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Last month at La Casa de Milagros has been ACCEPT WHAT IS GIVEN.

All our experiential session are used as a backdrop for the mind to ACCEPT everyone and everything as they are. And in each moment the Holy Spirit is giving us a project to look beyond the personal. Emily guided us in a singing session to be in touch with our inner voice and to let it out as is, without any judgment. Ricki, Greg and Emily gave us a shining evening where their music played like a symphony of the message given by the Holy Spirit.

We had a beautiful session, ‘the wool of gratitude,’ where we gave and received expressions of gratitude from each other, and we felt our hearts connected as One. We also joined in a beautiful movement experiential where we received a Course lesson to put into movement. Moving simultaneously we expressed the abstract message of God – and the mighty companions guessed which lesson it was! During these movement meditations we can feel that we are not the one in charge of how the body is moving. As we don’t even know where this movement is coming from and where it is going, we can just surrender and allow the movement to be as it is. Miracles came through us in the dance session on “Let it go” which I facilitated. Most of us were in a happy mood but Holy Spirit guided me to the theme of expressing tiredness and inertia. Even though some resistance to this came up in the group, we just listened and followed and soon we were all in full expression of inertia. Once this was released we felt the Joy!

We were shown to let go of what we think we need and Trust that the Holy Spirit knows our needs perfectly. The Holy Spirit shows us the path in a gentle way and wants us to keep it simple. As a demonstration of this simplicity, Sue guided us on a beautiful silent walk where we were fully present: walking, seeing the sunrise, the birds, and feeling the love of our mighty companions.

Enjoy the movement in this video montage.

Much Love,

An Update from Esperanza

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I came to La Casa de Milagros inspired by the Spirit, with the certainty that it is my One Self who is bringing me this experience, with a profound trust in this decision of living and to surrender completely to this experience in the love of my Father, and with much gratitude for this gift.

However, excited as I was with this encounter with God, when I arrived at La Casa de Milagros, I immediately experienced thoughts of fear that it would not be like that after all! Almost instantly my Father corrected that in my mind, because I also experienced great joy and happiness that I couldn’t understand at that moment.

Every morning, at the beginning of the day, I don’t know how or why, I could “see” His infinite Love in every person, animal and place of La Casa de Milagros; a love so eloquent, like a sensation of integration and connection with everything, that made me realize my error: the belief of being separated from God.

Every morning, I ask my Father: “Please Father, show me what I need to see to heal this idea of being separated from you. Father I give you my mind that you can take care of my thoughts and my heart so that it may bloom in Your Love.”

And His answer came:

The purpose is always Love. The only need is my Love. Love is to give. To give is to love. Come to me, I am here to give you Love.

One of my tasks at La Casa de Milagros is to plant seeds, water the plants, etc., and I like to do that; but when I do it in the purpose of Love, my experience is totally different, because in doing it with this idea of love, the Spirit is guiding me in the task and I recieve the understanding of: “Plant peace, plant love, but plant in you.” At the same time, I experience a total devotion, abstraction, acceptance, peace and happiness, that I cannot understand, but that is so attractive that I want to stay in it! I am in total gratitude of how Life lives itself through me, in union with everything, in the love of God, and it comes when I do my task with such energy and vitality that I had not known before.

The only thing that I may understand from my heart is:

Father, I accept the Love that you are giving me and that I had been looking for in the illusion. I accept that You Guide my life, because I don’t know how to do it, because I don’t know anything. I accept Father, that I only want the peace of Your love and only You may give it and only You may heal my mind, because I know that nothing is outside Mind.

An apparent situation that I am experiencing now, is the language difference, because I don’t speak English and some persons here don’t speak Spanish. But I see that as a gift, because as I cannot use the intellect to communicate with them. What I do is experiencing my One Self in Oneness with everyone in total stillness. First, the ego told me, “maybe you are missing something important,” but very soon my Father showed me the purpose of this. I understood that there is no need of words in the love of God, when I step aside of the ego and my intellect, my heart expands and joins with everything and everyone in total inclusion. That is how I have understood that what my Father told me: The purpose is always Love.

After months and months of healing and confusion, resistance, many changes and apparent loss, including almost all ‘roles’ disappearing in my life, I find in this moment I can see a very clear path. I experience how my mind is coming to a vision of the world that I had not seen before. And as the world I see is in my mind, I understand that only in my Father can I live and experience the real world and extend it in mind. From there I receive union with everything. I am in the certainty that I have everything and I am everything, because in reality I am with my beloved Father.

The Spirit took my mind to this thought:

In the love I see, in the love I am, my Father loves me, my love is His, and I am with Him in the love, and he gives me His love to give it.

Thank you, Casa de Milagros.

Thank you Father, I love you, I love you Father.

Movie Pick of the Month

Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2

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Po is an unlikely hero – being that he is a gentle-natured, food and fun-loving, large panda, who recently realized his Calling and began his Kung Fu training.

He has a glorious function to fulfill alongside his mighty companions, but Po’s mind will only be clear enough to fully play his part when he allows repressed memories from the past to arise and be forgiven.

Identity in this world is usually associated with family and where you have come from, but, as Po realizes, identity is really a present love and gratitude for the beloved ones you are with.

He accepts everything that is given.

The wonderful thing about Po is that he is totally himself. His companions are all amazing Kung Fu experts, and they play their parts perfectly; poised, highly mind-trained, athletic, stealthy, and swift. Po’s way looks nothing like this, but he is also 100 percent in the ‘Yes’! He dives straight in, head first, whatever the situation, in total agreement and support of his companions, no matter what. His humble, generous, open-minded, loving nature is what carries him through his epic adventures, drawing to him all of the help he needs to play his part in ways that continue to take him and everyone around him by surprise.

When inner peace is drawn upon, the mind is steady and focused, and can be used in ways that transcend the laws and limitations of the world.

Mind training is essential to know your true potential. And so is allowing yourself to be Who you are! Be your adorable Self!

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