Awakening and Extending with Movies

Awakening and Extending with Movies

I edited my first video project over the weekend: Spider-Man 2 with commentary from Jason and Armelle. This sleeper of a metaphysical movie is about a superhero who’s tired of saving people, keep’s pushing away love, and stays isolated by hiding his identity and keeping secrets. OK, I can relate to that story line 😉 Spidey seemingly loses his superpowers and decides he wants to be a normal guy, but even that isn’t the answer. The turning point of the movie comes when he starts expressing to those around him the secrets he’s carried for years. He then finds himself saving a child from a burning building, not as Spider-Man, but as himself. At the end of the movie he opens up to love and still ends up saving people, so in form he still looks the same, but now he has a purpose and zeal he didn’t have at the beginning of the movie.

Like many others who saw the movie Friday night, it felt as though the movie spoke directly to me. In my dream of awakening, I’ve felt the pendulum swing widely from wanting to be a savior of the world to disappearing into obscurity. The editing of the movie allowed me to separate the wheat from the chaff, cutting out the fighting scenes and other parts of the movie that didn’t support the metaphysical teachings, and splicing in the insightful commentary during the movie from Jason and Armelle. During the editing process, I got to hear again and again the deeper Course teachings around being the hero of the dream, and protectionism: hanging onto a self concept to hide your true identity as the Christ, and hiding your true identity as the Christ to “protect” others. And seeing that both positions merely serve as defenses against the truth. Spider-Man 2 shows us in a fun, entertaining way that we don’t lose anything on this journey except what doesn’t serve us anymore and that our worldly skills and abilities can be used by the Spirit, but only if we put purpose out front.

The messages of the movie have percolated in my mind the last few days. I’m being called out of the closet to shine Christ’s light. My hero of the dream story was being superwoman: wife, mom, grandma, healer, journalist and civil rights activist. Two years ago this month, I walked away from all those roles in disillusionment and came to live in community. What a roller coaster ride it has been – aaaaaaaaaa then weeeeeeeee. I don’t feel ready, I want to hide, I want to extend, I want to shine, I don’t feel ready, I want to hide… I find myself on an island with a group of mighties who share the purpose of waking up. Yesterday we recommitted to ourselves to stay real with one another, to speak our truths, to give permission to call us on our wrong-minded thinking and to practice sharing the budding flower of joy welling up in our hearts.

In this moment, I feel inspired to extend through editing these powerful movie gatherings. We’ll have another movie night here next week and a movie day next month so I’ll have more footage to practice on and go deep with. The inspiration to do the video editing was sparked by the profound healings I experienced before joining the community from watching David’s metaphysical movie classics like “Solaris” and “The Island.”   I recently watched for the second time, the three hour edited Solaris movie  and it was like watching it anew. Deeper teachings that I somehow missed the first time around, like reading the Course again. You can find these amazing movies and others with deep Course teachings at:

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