A Kaleidoscope of a Journey

A Kaleidoscope of a JourneyJust as the kaleidoscope, with its colored, transparent pieces of plastic contained within an object chamber and mirrors to reflect, seems the world around me these days. But instead of my hand turning one side of the kaleidoscope’s cylinder, the Holy Spirit turns the wheels of my mind to help me shift my perception. All the little pieces inside the mind, all the forms, the people, stay the same, it’s always the same content, however now seen from a different, holy angle and light shining on areas I never noticed before. The light enhances what is True in those images, and shines light on a place beyond them where Perfection reigns.

I peopled this world, I placed all the objects – trees, sky, dust, squirrels, Pluto, sunlight, hands, books, cups, earth, etc. This is my dream. When I dream this dream alone, in isolation, in maintenance of separation, in denial of that Spark of Holiness in me, the pictures my kaleidoscope shows me are dark, without reflection of beauty, color and light. This isn’t the dream I want. I still want a dream however, because the concept of being wholly of my Father is still too lofty of an idea for me to grasp.

So, I have a choice now.

I can still keep looking at the images in the kaleidoscope of the world I made as a hiding place from God. But I want to hold it towards the Light, towards the Holy Spirit, for what I see in the pictures and forms isn’t true, and I am willing to accept that His Vision will show me what is. With Him by my side the purpose of my world changes from one leading deeper into separation to one leading towards Wholeness and Holiness, towards Remembrance of God and His Son and away from everything that is not true.

This is what I want, and every instant I pray that Spirit will help me dissolve all resistance I still feel, all fear I still want to hold onto, all false beliefs still held dearly in my mind, all deception.

I want the Happy Dream, I want the kaleidoscope turned by the Hands of Spirit and His Light to reflect off of all the mirrors everywhere. I want to see Holiness, my Holiness reflected, my Holiness extended.

I pray, “Holy Spirit, show me.”

All conflict leaves. And I am left only with this beautiful moment of Now.

Thank you.