A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles ~“And now in all your doings be you blessed. God turns to you for help to save the world. Teacher of God, His thanks He offers you, And all the world stands silent in the grace You bring from Him. You are the Son He loves, And it is given you to be the means Through which His Voice is heard around the world, To close all things of time; to end the sight Of all things visible; and to undo All things that change. Through you is ushered in A world unseen, unheard, yet truly there. Holy are you, and in your light the world Reflects your holiness, for you are not Alone and friendless. I give thanks for you, And join your efforts on behalf of God, Knowing they are on my behalf as well, And for all those who walk to God with me. AMEN” . ACIM M-29.8.

A Course in Miracles is a modern day program for healing the Mind, removing all judgement, learning to trust the Higher Self /Holy Spirit /Intuition and coming to a very stable, consistent Peace of Mind.” David Hoffmeister.

Dictated by Jesus Christ (Thank You Jesus & Holy Spirit)

A Course in Miracles, Jesus

Scribed by Helen Schucman (Thank you Helen). Thanks to Bill (Helen’s collaborator), Ken (editor/teacher) & Gloria Wapnick,  Judy Skutch & William, & Bob (publishers). Thanks to Chuck Anderson (teacher), Monty, Kate, & Judge Sweet.

What is A Course in Miracles

ACIM What is A Course in Miracles David Hoffmeister

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study program with an approach that is quite unique. It is designed to bring a consistent state of happiness and peace to the student through the application of its principles.

These principles can seem radical and ‘not from this world.’ However, this uncompromising and fresh  approach is very effective for those looking to heal abandonment, victimhood and any other seeming lifelong issues.

What is A Course in Miracles designed to bring to the Student?  New experience comes from following A Course in Miracles intentional and careful structure. As the Course states:  A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is directed (C-in.2:5-6). This simplicity becomes evident when studying ACIM.

The study and learning of A Course in Miracles can be like climbing a ladder. Each rung represents a new realm of understanding where beautiful pearls of wisdom have more and more depth the higher one climbs.

Another simplistic yet profound theme is in the introduction to ACIM that says:

“This Course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:  

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

A Course in Miracles, Dove of Peace

We at the Foundation for the Awakening Mind offer A Course In Miracles freely online to anyone who has an interest. If you would like a soft cover published version and/or a published language translation of A Course In Miracles, please order it directly from Foundation for Inner Peace. Thank you to all at the Foundation for Inner Peace for all of the care and love and attention you give to the Course and its translations!

A Course in Miracles comprises three books, the Text, The Workbook and the Manual for Teachers. It also includes a glossary-style ‘Clarification of Terms’ and two pamphlets (Supplements):


The ACIM Text (622 pages) lays out the concepts upon which the Course is based. Here we find the theory and the ‘metaphysics’ of A Course in Miracles.

Principles of Miracles and ACIM Daily Lessons on YouTube.

David Hoffmeister reads from the beginning of the spiritual classic “A Course In Miracles.” This recording is from Chapter 1: The Meaning of Miracles, 50 Principles of Miracles and flows into on A Course in Miracles Daily Lessons on YouTube, with reading and commentary by David Hoffmeister.

David Hoffmeister speaks from the Awakened Mind and with that Presence and Clarity guides the mind of the sincere student and teacher of ACIM through one section of The Text and a lesson for the day followed by a profound commentary. Listen once and you will feel the amazing gift from the Spirit! What a wonderful way to start your day!

ACIM Daily Lesson The Meaning of Miracles 50 Principles of Miracles Commentary by David Hoffmeister


ACIM Chapters

The ACIM Text is divided into ACIM Chapters which move through topics and themes providing the theoretical framework for the application of the workbook lessons.

Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 10-12,
Chapters 13-15
Chapters 16-18
Chapters 19-21
Chapters 22-24
Chapters 25-27
Chapters 28-31

ACIM Workbook:

The ACIM Workbook (365 lessons, one each day for a year) is presented in a very practical format, encouraging the student to apply the ideas to the best of their ability without making exceptions.

 ACIM Lessons:

The daily ACIM Lessons of A Course in Miracles are very practical. A day by day, step by step approach to Unwinding the Mind from ego thought system and limiting beliefs. This is what the workbook is for, clearing away the ego debris from the mind and learning how to trust in the Spirit and let go of judgment, guilt, criticism, and condemnation.

Lessons 1-99
Lessons 100-199
Lessons 200-365

ACIM Manual for Teachers

The ACIM Manual for Teachers consists of questions and answers intended to deepen students’ understanding of the concepts learned in the Text and Workbook.


ACIM Supplements

The ACIM Supplements are Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and The Song of Prayer: Forgiveness, Prayer, and Healing. These provide further application of the ACIM’s teachings, specifically in relation to the modality of prayer and the field of psychotherapy.

Additional Resources

You can hear more from David Hoffmeister’s deep teachings, inspired by A Course in Miracles, from a large number of theme-based talks and gatherings from around the world.  These talks are available in both audio and video formats.


A Course in Miracles, Audio

David’s extensive and beautifully organized collection of audio teachings 



..And explore a rich library of David’s teachings, captured on video.A Course in Miracles, Video

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